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Portal 2, Rayman, or any of the Mario/DK sidescrollers.

Mario Kart, bitches love Mario Kart.

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@hailinel: I have Other M but haven't gotten around to playing it yet. Guess I'm missing out, haha.

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Thank God they finally found a way to give Zero Suit Samus high heels. Now all they have to do is give her a zipper in the front and her headliner status will be complete.

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@random45 said:

Well, considering lobbying is legal and is totally not bribery, I guess this depressingly makes sense.

That was basically the argument they used. "Look, we already flooded politics with money through Super PACs and saying corporations are people and money is speech, so this won't make much of a difference anyway."

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Order of release... including the MSX games.

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In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, when Darth Revan takes off their mask.

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Yeah the plot left me unfulfilled more than anything, but I liked the gameplay in the two DLCs more than the main game.

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$97 million

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I have Tea Party family members. I have consistently proven with evidence and sourcing that the things they post are factually inaccurate. They just throw some other random bullshit out rather than admitting their mistake and try to change the subject.

And then they keep sourcing the same bullshit conservative blogs (ie The Blaze) that I've proven to be misinforming them.

I spend 40 minutes writing a well-thought out response to why global warming isn't bullshit, and then they bring up Obama and Benghazi and ignore everything I just wrote.

So now I just ignore them.