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Hey all, I'm looking into playing through a lot of the weirdest Japanese games that are playable on American consoles.  If it's a weird game released only in Japan, but I can play it on my American DS or PS3, that's fine. 
Some examples would be Cho Aniki, Doki Doki Majo Shinpan!, or Sin & Punishment.  It doesn't matter if they're popular or well-known either, like Katamari Damacy, Deadly Premonition, or No More Heroes
The weirder, the better.  So what do you got, Giant Bomb?

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The farther away the next gen is, the better.  I still haven't gotten around to picking up a PS3 yet!

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@JasonR86: Sorry, I've never had to trick a girl or get her drunk.  But if it works for you, it works for you.
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@Dany:  @TerraDelu: Wow, lot's of Chicago in here, huh?  If there's enough of us, maybe we can get them to stop by, and use that we're the home of Mortal Kombat and You Don't Know Jack as leverage.
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" Instead of just bringing it up, you could just ask her out on a date.  Don't call it a 'date' but just take her somewhere with just the two of you.  Talk about the whole thing there.  If the friend thing comes up again and she continues to be stubborn then just forget about it.  There are a lot of women out there. "
Yeah, women love being ambushed.
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I'm a jerk.

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@christ0phe: Yeah we should talk about all that other hot February gaming news... 
...oh wait.
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@Peanut: Yeah, it's definitely disappointing if that's the case.
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The one thing I really want and know I'll never get?  A Beatles transfer code.

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" @Getz said:

" @CL60 said:
"  A lot of people that actually played through the demo, realized that the last fight actually required tactics, even on Normal difficulty. "
Actually, all my party members died except the PC (mage) so I just ran in a circle, training all the baddies behind me, casting fireball behind me over and over again and chugging mana potions. It was hilarious, but not what I'd call "tactics" If you can just out-run all the bad guys, what's the point? "
lol that's exactly how my first run through of the demo panned out during the fight against the Orge when I was a male mage. The battle against Hayder was a sack of piss in comparison; mostly thanks to Varric and his incredibly incredabalistic Bianca. "
Actually, that's how it worked out for me, too.  Except I was a warrior that died and finished the battle as my Mage sister.  That's hilarious. 
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" @Peanut said:
" I read somewhere that they took out the ability to equip your squad members. Is that true? If so, the love I've felt for Bioware for all these years continues to dwindle. I let the complete destruction of the RPG elements of ME2 go because it wasn't all that great to begin with in the first one, but if this is true for Dragon Age, I almost kinda give up. "
No you can still equip them to your hearts content. It's just that their appearance only changes when the story dictates. Your teammates will change over the course of the game, just not when you equipment them with other stuff. "
If I remember correctly, your team all has the same armor throughout the game that changes appearance as the game jumps forward in time, and all you can do is upgrade the equipment they have on (I think through Enchanting).  That's all from my memory though, so it might not be accurate.  I don't remember them saying anything about weapons.