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@Punk1984: I agree with you completely; their decisions regarding DA2 are really disappointing.
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The choices you've made that affected each region in Origins and the characters from your party will affect the sequel.  Probably not very much, for the reasons you listed, but if you've played the first, why not import so it falls in line with the decisions you've made?

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It's buggier, and less "essential" but there are some good moral choices near the end, and your choices in Awakening will show up in DA2.  It also has a number of characters that play big roles in the sequel.  It's a lot easier though, because you'll have a higher level character (assuming you transfer a Warden), and about 15-20 hours long.   I'd play it.  

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If watching someone slowly kill themselves is more fun than watching someone slowly slip into madness and hatred, then yeah, Charlie Sheen is the fun Mel Gibson.

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If you have to ask, you'll never know.

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Try upgrading your 120 GB hard drive to a 250.  The old external HDDs are impossible to find now.

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My Warden sacrificed himself, so I didn't feel regret that he couldn't go on with his friends, it was more like pride, seeing how I affected their lives.  Sten returned to his homeland and was asked if he found any humans of worth.  He responded fondly, "Just one".  That's the one that hit me the most, even though I didn't like Sten.  Also, having my brother show up at my funeral (human noble; and I had forgotten about my brother) to accept our family's land and take care of my Mabari was pretty touching too.  Unfortunately, that was all ruined when I couldn't transfer my save to Awakening without having my Warden "get better".  I would've liked to transfer my choices and still play as the new Orlesian Warden, but that wasn't possible, as far as I could tell, so I've just replayed through everything and forced Alistair, the king, to die.  Sorry buddy.

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" Prey to the God-Emperor that it's not Brad; I hate that guy. Dragon Age 2 is awesome and Dave will give it a 5/5. PLAY IT ON HARD, DAVE! "
no Dave will give it a negative one-thousand.  Dave is one of the people that hates the changes "
Has Dave followed the game or his reaction is based solely on the "They are making it like Mass Effect 2" comments? "
Dave has avoided all media on DA2, because he wants his opinion to be pure when he plays the game.  Everyone thinks he will hate DA2 because of his most recent blog post, which followed comments that he personally didn't like Mass Effect 2.  He basically hates what Mass Effect 2 represents, namely the industry's abandonment of CRPGs in favor of Action-RPGs, which (for the most part) abandon tactics and depth in the name of user-friendliness and cinematics.  Since people far less hardcore than Dave have this opinion of Dragon Age 2, and he himself believes that Origins will be the last of it's kind (for the foreseeable future), most people can assume he will be devastated by the sequel.
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" Prey to the God-Emperor that it's not Brad; I hate that guy. Dragon Age 2 is awesome and Dave will give it a 5/5. PLAY IT ON HARD, DAVE! "

@phrosnite: Everything Dave has said about his game preferences implies that he'll hate DA2... or were you being sarcastic?