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@Fluxxed: Giving my opinion that girls shouldn't have to hide that they're girls isn't white knighting. 
I also think gays should be able to serve openly in the military.  While the scale of both statements are different, the sentiment is the same.  People who are bigoted are the problem, not the people they hate.
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@CL60: Well the videos show that they're not in there.  I said that they might add it in a patch.
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@EveretteScott: I don't consider it a "change" if the "change" makes it just like another game in the genre, abandoning something that made it unique. I'd prefer they improve on the things that made them different, rather than homogenizing their games. 
If the next Halo came out playing just like Call of Duty, I wouldn't be pissed off at Halo players for hating "change".  Copying another game is not necessarily a good thing.
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In this thread, "nice guys" get to take out their pent-up aggression on women that don't want them.

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As you may know, some people have already gotten their hands on retail copies of DA2.  The game's designers have mentioned a number of times that auto-attack will be an option available to console gamers in the options menu of DA2 for fans of Origins, but so far that seems to not be the case. 

  Of course, it's possible that the option may be added in a Day One (or later) patch, but at the moment, it doesn't seem like it's available, which, if true, is really disappointing.  Why take out an option that could so easily be included? 
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If you're going to post your impressions, can you tell us how you felt about Origins, and what your impression of DA2 was before starting it?  I just want to see where you're coming at the game from.  (Then again, I'll have it on Tuesday, so it doesn't really matter.)

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@ThePhantomnaut: Agreed, but whenever these threads get started, about half of the posts are gamers trying to blame the girl, and it's ridiculous.  The number of girls specifically trying to use their sex one way or the other is miniscule compared to the amount of guys who will spew bigoted shit at a woman upon realizing her gender.
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@ThePhantomnaut: Telling girls it's their fault for not hiding their sex is the same thing as the military telling gays they're not allowed to reveal their sexuality.  They shouldn't have to hide anything. 
I wonder how many of the gamers in this thread that hate "attention whores" also think that they're "nice guys" that girls won't give a chance.  I'm betting the cross-over is pretty high, because most "nice guys" are just passive-aggressive pricks.
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@zoner: She said her gamertag is her name.  What an attention whore.
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This is the reason I came to Giant Bomb after the 1UPocalypse 2 months later.