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@TooWalrus: Aw man, now you're just giving ThreeMegabytes hope.
Also, is your avatar a Walrus' mouth?  I always think it's a mask or some kind of scarred face at first glance and it creeps me out.  Like the nostril is a guys eye, and the snout is like the side of his face...
Just noticed your profile name.  I'm an idiot.
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@BaneFireLord: I'm not embarrassed by it at all.
I didn't do online dating because I couldn't get a girlfriend.  I did online dating because I couldn't find a girl I liked in my everyday life.  I have a large, close-knit group of friends that I've known since grade school.  Some of them are girls, but I can't date a girl I've known my whole life.
I also worked in an office full of 50 year old men, so there weren't any women there.  Since I don't like drinking, I didn't spend much time in bars just "to pick up chicks" so I went online.  There are a lot of attractive, nice and interesting girls online.
What's shameful is being sad and lonely and not doing what you can to change that.
Also, you meant to say "I have some pride".
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@ThreeMegabytes said:

" @Sjosz said:

" @ThreeMegabytes:  It's not like you're setting yourself up for negative response or anything. "
How is that any different than when you're at a bar and a girl flirts with you and you flirt back? "
For example, you don't know where these girls live, and right off the bat it's obvious that you're only interested in them because of their pics and their sex.  Also, it comes off as really desperate, especially after admitting that you'll friend any girl that looks attractive and post passive-aggressive jokes and come-ons on their wall.
It's the equivalent of driving in a car and honking at a hot girl walking down the street or yelling to her.  What does it accomplish, other than making you look like a sad loser?
And how are these girls flirting with you?  By being female?  Do all girls deep down secretly "want it"?  Are you a dickwolf?
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I got a girlfriend off Match, which I found to be the best because you weed out the girls that are just looking for attention, since it's paid-membership, and it's a little less formal than eHarmony.  I also used Match to hook up with a lot of older women, under the condition that neither of us were looking for something serious from each other.  I'm no longer on there, but I think it's best for young guys looking to hook up with older women.  They're single and a lot of them are good looking, and because of the age gap, most know not to expect anything more than casual sex.

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@Portis: Yeah, I'm not saying blacks, gays, women, or foreigners can't take it, but when you hear that crap every game, it's got to influence your desire to play.  It's just an oppressive atmosphere.  Even when I'm not the target I sometimes don't want to play so I don't have to listen to it.  I know I can mute, but I shouldn't have to.
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@FancySoapsMan: Yeah, I know.  I was just playing along.
@Ghostface318 said:
" Question- is this a console shooter behavior, or does this stuff persist in what I had been led to believe were calmer multiplayer venues, say WOW or Starcraft? "

Excellent question.
I don't play MMOs, but I've heard they are generally tamer when it comes to trash talk.  I've heard a lot of stories though where guys will give female avatars a bunch of loot and special treatment though, which is laughably pathetic.  It's mostly console games, but I wouldn't limit it to shooters.  I beat a guy in Risk: Factions and got a huge PM tirade about how I should've gotten raped and he only lost because of this or that and I need to pull the dick out of my mouth and play a real game (not noticing the irony that he was playing the same game).
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@ThreeMegabytes: Like if she mentions how much she likes donuts, or how she has no mirrors in her house?  You sound perfect for the website linked in the OP.
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  ThreeMegabytes wrote on Erzs's wall
"Can I see your penis?" - lol jk I saw your reply to "Gaming as a Girl" 
  ThreeMegabytes wrote on Erzs's wall
"Do you want too see my penis?" - lol jk I saw your reply to "Gaming as a Girl"
 Dude, joking that you know you're being a creeper doesn't give you a free pass to be a creeper.

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  @ThreeMegabytes said:

" If I find a girl on Xbox Live, or any other site, and it sounds like she's attractive, I'll add her. "

  ThreeMegabytes is now following Erzs
Love. It.
@FluxWaveZ said:
" @ThreeMegabytes said:
" If I find a girl on Xbox Live, or any other site, and it sounds like she's attractive, I'll add her. "
Why? "

It gets him that much closer to imaginary sex.  Also, he's got so many pictures of his penis he doesn't know what to do with them.
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@Erzs: Wait... so you're saying you don't want to see my penis?
I think it's ironic that most guys that play games want a girl who does too, but then engender that kind of hostile environment for girls.  They aren't treated the same at all.  They're always the focus of attention when they play, whether "positive" or negative.  I've been in matches where guys would literally follow around the girl playing and just compliment her or help her out the whole time, and I've heard guys just constantly smack talking, much like they do for a guy who talks with a lisp or has a stereotypically "black" voice.  These assholes would probably be assholes in general, but, like all bullies, when they find a "weak" target, they focus all of their attention on it, so it's not really the same.
@FluxWaveZ said:

" @SethPhotopoulos said:

" It seems that it isn't that one side gets it worse than the other it's just the insults get more specific. "

And that's what makes it worst. Despite what some people may think or say, being insulted on something that very much defines you will hurt more than being called a name that you can just chuckle off because they don't apply to you. "

I agree with this completely, it gets more specific and more incessant.  If someone called me a faggot, it would roll of my back because I'm not gay.  If they called a gay person faggot, it would probably affect them differently.  I wouldn't have a problem calling my skinny friend fat for eating a lot, but I wouldn't say the same thing to my fat friend.
 @FancySoapsMan said:

" I stopped reading after the first sentence "

  Haha, I knew that would stop some people.  Hopefully we can have a decent discussion now.