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@ChristianCastillo said:
" Get a debit card, don't you have a bank account? I bet you do, it's not hard to get a debit card which I think would work as well. "
It does, I use my  debit card as a credit card online constantly, including when I subscribed to GB.  I'm 24 and still don't have a credit card because I waited until after college to get one and now I don't have enough credit.  These car payments and bills I'm paying better work fast so I can get myself a damn credit card like an adult.
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Guys, fearthephins hasn't responded since I made my post 8 hours ago.  Should I send her a ton of PMs until she responds, asking if I did something wrong?

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I clicked on this thread thinking it said "GF Fight!" and walked away disappointed.
Now that's a thread I'd like to see.

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@melcene: I was just playing along.  No offense meant.
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@melcene said:
 Oh wait, am I supposed to add "I'm a girl" to the beginning of my post?   -.- "
Actually, if you can include that fact in every post you make, it'd probably just be easier for all involved.  That way we know to treat you differently...
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So theres a girl in this thread, i have watched a lot of The Pickup Artist and i think i'm getting quite a few signals to approach, i am on my computer and she is on presumably hers on Giant Bomb  :P. What do i say? Its annoying to know when something is happening but not knowing what to do about it... 

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Glad to see Alan Wake get some recognition--I just wish it was a little bit higher on the list.

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Should be interesting...

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What is this? I don't even

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@coryrx8:   Except he is, because once Call of Duty's popularity begins to wane, he'll retire and enjoy his life with the millions of dollars he made off of the people he screwed over.