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If they really show Tali's face, they damn well better make her look super "alien".  People demanded romance options with her, despite her odd shape, chicken feet, and three-digit hands.  These people signed on to fuck an alien when they had no idea what her face was like.  Bioware should force gamers to confront the odd and risky choice that they made by making her very weird looking.  "Ha! This is what you wanted fuckers!  Weep in the reality of your choice!  Not every alien is beautiful and humanoid!" The Quarians are similar to the Turians in diet and body-type, so they should at least be that ugly, even though some people want to bang Garrus, too.
This will piss people off, however, or make them re-evaluate their choices, and I don't think it's what they want to do with this series.  Mass Effect is about sci-fi B-movie wish-fulfillment: saving the universe, punching reporters, and banging weird alien trim.  They're not going to punish you for playing "Captain Kirk".
Based off what little you can see under the mask, and the slight Arabic dialect and aesthetic of the Quarian culture, I think they were always meant to be fairly humanoid, but I want them to bait-and-switch shippers, and I don't think they have the guts.  Odds are, she'll wind up looking something like Midna's true form from Twilight Princess, but purple. 

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" I picked B. The genophage was completely necessary, as cruel as the Krogan believed it to be. But if the Krogan as a whole prove themselves more useful to the rest of the universe, they should be granted some sort of solution; maybe a higher birth-rate that doesn't reach the rate pre-genophage but reaches a happy medium--if that's possible. "

I wanted to cure it in the first game, but after a number of discussions with Mordin in the second, I got the impression that this is already what happened.  Mordin gave me the impression that they made the genophage to temper Krogan breeding, not cause an extinction.  When the Krogan as a whole responded poorly and the race began to die out, they modified it to make it more lenient, thus saving the Krogans from extinction.  I don't like the genophage, but now that it has happened, and won't ensure the extinction of the race, I'm staying out of it.
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@Supermarius:   No, the onus would be on those that did play the game to convince the ones that didn't that it was worthy.  It would not be the responsibility of those who didn't play the game to dismiss the opinions of those that did, which is kind of what happened.  They put forth reasoned arguments about why John Marston and Red Dead were great, and were basically ignored.  In a situation like that (which shouldn't really happen--they should all play at least part of every nominee in a perfect world), at some point, the people who didn't play the game should trust their friends and coworkers that played the game whose opinions they obviously value to make the right decision.
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You have zero chance.  And you don't want "whatever makes her happy" because you keep doing things to promote yourself or put yourself in situations you don't belong hoping that she'll look your way when all you're doing is making things more complicated for her.  When she told you to stay away, you did, not because it's what she wants, but because it seems like the right move for you at the moment.  Guys always tell themselves that they're above this kind of thing, but they're not.  You won't be satisfied if she decides to stay single or finds someone that treats her right, you'll just sit quietly and bide your time again, like you did this time.

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Great, now you guys will get even more of my money from DLC.  My non-existent kids are going hungry, dammit!

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@KaosAngel: Both really.
Joystiq has stepped up it's game in the past few years, but I'm still kind of sick of the snarky "humor".  Kotaku seems to do a lot of stories I'm not interested in, and get the facts wrong more often in my experience.  They serve a purpose though, they get to a lot of stories a lot faster than sites like GB.  I go to them for news, and GB for analysis.
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@Fripplebubby: Technically in some of these games you can relate information how you choose.  Let's say Mass Effect, for example.  You report to the Council, and can emphasize the parts of the story you want.  You're still technically telling them the same thing, but you color it based off your choices.  Not quite what you meant, but it's a small step in that direction, right?
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Heading to Indiana to see my girlfriend.  Hopefully I'll catch Tron at some point, too.

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I'd get the PS3 version, but the ability to import my Mass Effect 1 save is pretty important to me, so I'm gonna stick with 360 for the duration.