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@TheUnpopularGamer:   I'm pretty sure everyone understands that he's making smart, at least for the short-term, business decisions.  That said, these decisions are still uncaring, ruthless, and insensitive.  They are bad for the industry, game companies, and consumers.  Just because they are self-serving and money-making doesn't mean gamers should stop hating Bobby Kotick or the things he does.  I understand why he's a dick, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it.
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Explaining why a  company does shitty things that annoy me and piss me off doesn't mean I'll suddenly become okay with them doing annoying and shitty things that piss me off.
I've always understood why they did the things they did, but there are other stores I can go to that won't do them, for whatever reason, so I'll take my patronage there and not deal with the hassle, e.g.  in a business sense, the shit Activision does makes a lot of sense.  However, I still fucking hate Activision's corporate policy, and most (if not all) of their games.

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@Valkyr: Again, 8 million in 2 months is not a failure.  The Wii was released with less than perfect tech (both the SD and the fact that they released Wii Motion + later on), and it's one of the biggest success stories in the industry.  Just because you're not interested doesn't mean the tech is a failure.
And Kinect is selling well because kids, women, and casual gamers are interested in the concept.  Most of that 8 million is "casual gamers", not hardcore techies or nerds looking to hack it.  You people are really reaching now.
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Also, I don't want to buy another damn console for a few more years.  I still haven't gotten around to picking up a PS3.

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What Zombrex twist was in Case West?
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@Hailinel: That was the better ending, anyway.
I didn't really think there was any twist really...

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God, I hate this pre-order DLC BS.  I don't like pre-ordering games!

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I'm smart, funny, and insightful.  Follow me, dammit!

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@cgoodno said:
"  At least here I haven't been called a PS3 fanboy one minute and a 360 fanboy the next like N4G. "

Look at this Wii fanboy over here...
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Asked me to wait for her until I was 18.