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Want this to stop Patrick? Then don't talk about it. These articles just gives those causing this crap to happen satisfaction. It's pointless.

Untrue. Not talking about it allows it to continue. Nothing has ever changed from people ignoring injustice.

The truth is talking about it and not talking about it often has the same results for those currently doing the harassment and threats: nothing.

What talking about it might do is possibly discourage others from harassing and making threats by humanizing the victims of these attacks. While I don't agree with blindly denouncing every person in GG as some in this thread have done, I do think it's something that should be talked about, as long as it has the consent of the victim and the authorities looking into the matter.

That was the point I was attempting to make. Thanks for elaborating!

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@wrighteous86: You're right, of course. But at the same time, it would much easier to dispel this idea that Patrick is the only one who cares about this stuff if someone else on the site actually said something. I don't envy being in Jeff's or anyone else's position here but Patrick is really sticking his neck out writing this article. It would be nice to see him get some back up publicly.

I agree completely, but maybe they feel they don't have anything worthwhile to say about it. That's pure speculation. I don't know, of course. It's hard to judge because, as you said, it's an unenviable position. But aside from them putting up a "Sexism 101 Quick Look", I'm not sure what more they can do without it feeling forced. At this point I wish they would do so just to silence the people that STILL think they have GB's backing despite Jeff's Letter from the Editor a few months back.

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We haven't yet extended that rule to posts which purport that Jeff and co. don't agree with Patrick's perspective to some extent, considering they allow him to write and publish it on the front page of their website. Equally so the assumption that Giant Bomb isn't about "these sorts of articles". Not your call whatsoever.

Seriously, this cannot be said enough. They have hired Patrick. They have kept him on for years. They allow him to publish this work. They allow it on their front page. It has been done multiple times. They have all said that they appreciate what he does for the site and back up everything he writes.

I don't see how that isn't approval of his perspective. Jeff is Patrick's superior on the site. If he didn't approve of Patrick's work, he would have fired him or forced him to stop by now. Instead, he allowed Patrick to stay on the site and work remotely from Chicago which has a small (but growing) gaming industry, aside from Jellyvision, Netherrealm, and Iron Galaxy. That sure would have been an easy time to remove his voice if they didn't approve of it, wouldn't it have been?

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Want this to stop Patrick? Then don't talk about it. These articles just gives those causing this crap to happen satisfaction. It's pointless.

Untrue. Not talking about it allows it to continue. Nothing has ever changed from people ignoring injustice.

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Sil3n7 speaks the truth, we only see Patrick with this stuff, if you guys like it so be it but I'm gonna avoid it. I'm coming to this site for fun gaming not a lecture in sociology.

Hrmm, what's all this then, Guv'nor?

You are using a 3rd party to verify this? What a joke haha. Why don't you just ask a person off the street as well. That's just as accurate.

Come back when you have evidence that anyone other than Patrick and sometimes Alex is interested in this. Here's a hint: based on every bombcast episode that exists, they aren't.

Based on every bombcast episode that exists is a meaningless metric.

You want evidence? Here's my evidence: They've all spoken out against this stuff on their personal public social media accounts. They have women, homesexuals, transgenders who are outspoken advocates of this "social justice" on the site, their podcasts, their panels, etc with some mild regularity. They hired Patrick. They've praised his work. They've never spoken out against the things he's written. He is a representative of their organization. He essentially works for Jeff. This is all evidence that Jeff tacitly agrees with everything Patrick produces for the site... otherwise it, or he, would not be on the site.

Now aside from not bringing up a heavy topic like this on what is essentially their goofy podcast, what evidence do YOU have? Because based on every bombcast episode that exists Jeff's dad didn't die, Alexis didn't leave the site, Cool Baby isn't a thing.

Your theory that it hasn't been brought up on the Bombcast means they support GamerGate, or that they have no problem with the way women in the industry have been treated, is nonsense.

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@wrighteous86: And I think that places like MSNBC are a perfectly valid venue to have the larger conversations around this stuff. But I do not go to the IGN ENTERTAINMENT website to hear about death threats or feminism or any social issue for that matter. I go there to watch Greg Miller make bad jokes, or for cool shit - like the feature Jose just did about the unreleased canceled Rogue Squadron collection for Wii. That looked rad.

Calling out sites like Giant Bomb and IGN amongst others for not "taking a stance" on social issues is such a stupid thing. I like Giant Bomb mostly because it's fucking dumb in the best way possible. I do not go here for cultural and social issues: leave that shit to Slate (which I do read, and their podcasts are great).

You've got a valid argument. I can't deny that. But this is kinda what Patrick was hired on to do, to be fair; cover the industry. To an extent that is at odds with the rest of the content produced by the site, but I believe that was GB's intention when they hired him: to make the site more well-rounded. But I understand 100% why some fans of the site would have no interest in that.

Part of the problem where the sites have to "take a stance" is because people on both sides will just assume their stance and start promoting their support. You see it going on in this thread. So they are kind of forced to comment so people will stop misrepresenting them.

But yeah, the whole thing is frustrating and pretty immature in general.

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@wrighteous86: I have sympathy. Lots of it. What I'm saying is I enjoyed this community a lot more when this wasn't a thing all the time. It sucks that it is a thing. So can everyone just calm the fuck down? Video games are not important enough for people to be questioning "journalistic ethics" nor for anyone to receive death threats over.

Sorry, sounds like we're in agreement. I'd rather just be focusing on the products themselves and the fun experience of gaming. I guess it's just frustrating to me on a different level that it keeps coming to things like this. However, I do think it needs to be discussed when it happens, as that's probably the best way to (ultimately) put an end to things, even if it'll be a bumpy ride until then.

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@voysa_reezun: True, but Patrick seems to be the poster child for this liberal stuff in this site which is probably why he gets so much flack for it while the other guys of the team just wanna play games and have fun.

I don't think you have a clue about what, "...the other guys of the team," do or do not want, particularly with regard to, "this liberal stuff."

Oh really? Why don't they ever talk about it then?

Name one time any of this nonsense has been talked about on the bombcast.

They talk about it all the time on Twitter and Tumblr. And Jeff wrote an Editorial on it a few months ago?

All he did was condemn people making threats in Giant Bombs name.

And you still didn't answer my original question because it's never happened, because he isn't interested.

Not talking about it on the Bombcast doesn't mean anything. You're setting a random goal post to suit your argument. And considering this story is ABOUT threats being made, his Editorial is absolutely relevant.

How about the fact that Jeff INTENTIONALLY HIRED PATRICK? You act as if Patrick somehow just appeared on the site and nobody has any control over his work.