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In the song, they mention a photoshop contest, which is what kicked off PMs between DuskVamp and I, which lead to us getting to know each other and falling in love.

I have found it. In it, you can see where almost all of my Giant Bomb related pics have come from, where my "About Me" came from (thanks @sparklykiss!), and see the first tentative in-forum flirting between Dusk and I before we really knew each other. Check it out to see her shoddy photoshop skills and how I awkwardly and passively force a "you're cute" comment innocuously into the conversation!

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Did you max any other Links?

Only Mysterious Fox. I didn't have the courage for the rest.

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@sweetz said:

At some point, they stopped asking "is this fun?" in favor of just coming up with things for the player to do, entertainment value be damned.

It was a task like this in FFXII that finally broke me on JRPGs, and I've never looked back. (That was actually my first blog on the site, I think.)

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Never had much interested in the Dynasty Warriors games, they just looked liked dumb mindless action, which can be fun in small doses.

So many come out though that I've never bothered. Now that we're getting a one-off in a franchise I actually care about though, I'm intrigued. I don't expect it to be amazing, but it could very well be entertaining for a one or two game dealie.

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Hey another thread discussing the same shit the last 3 discussed in the same reheated ways.

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I'm still not sold on the Batmobile, but we'll see.

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Hopefully the new hires fit in well. If so, this news won't be as scary as it seems. This has potential to break the site or expand it exponentially.

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@grendelwolf: Nobody is going to take your troll bait here, sorry. Try IGN.

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Video games are seen as more addictive and time consuming -- a lifestyle choice. That's probably not as true as common consensus dictates, but I think that's where some of the stigma comes from.

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Read everything, watched everything, and played everything. Oh, and @aetheldod, I think Halo: Legends was the best of all the extended fiction for Halo, so I'm there with you.

The universe is pretty derivative of existing sci-fi. Bungie never hid the fact that they liberally stole from movies and books that they liked. If you're at all aware of Blizzard's style (and if not, Starcraft might be a better option for you than Halo), it's kind of like that. They did expand on their own a bit since the beginning, but not necessarily in many exciting ways. The characters are one-dimensional for the most part, and the universe is a bit shallow. Some of what's there is interesting, but there's little-to-know information on... like... humanity or the Covenant outside of their wars. No insight into the day-to-day life of the universe, or of anyone who's not already involved in fighting for or against the UNSC. That's what separates something like the Star Wars/Star Trek universes with Halo. Basically everything revolves around or expands upon the three games, which are very narrow in focus.

It's fun, but not especially deep. The origins of the SPARTAN project are the most interesting, and the Forerunner stuff is interesting if you're into something more approaching "hard sci-fi" but it's nothing groundbreaking. For a game, it's decent, but that's about it.