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Well they nailed the part about everything South of I-80 not mattering at all. :-/

Yay, I'm north of I-80!

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I honestly have no opinion on Dan, other than if he is hired, it would be disappointing in the sense that once again, the incestuous nature of the games press wins out over finding new blood. However, I can't say that I have any fondness for Game Informer, as the magazine feels like it's targeted at fourteen-year-olds and the editors express very simplistic viewpoints. Any time I get an issue in the mail (which I don't want to begin with and would prefer if Gamestop didn't sign me up for it), I just toss it in the recycling unread. So if Dan had any major contributions to the magazine and not just the online publication, well, ouch.

That's already pretty much guaranteed since it seems they had someone in mind for the editor position before they even publicized it. Also, almost every career path is incestuous. And I've heard that Game Informer online is a different best, but I have no idea if that's true.

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@anwar said:

@wrighteous86 said:

Translation: I want attention.

We know what your post is about, but what has this to do with this thread? See? I can be snarky too. ;)

3/5 Stars

Fans of the genre will like it; for everyone else it's a mixed bag.

(Point taken, though.)

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@wrighteous86: Yeah, but these are two things the GB boards could do with a lot less of: attention-seeking hissyfit topics and snarky, reductive replies.

Well, if it helps, if I was wrong, he'll never see it anyway.

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Translation: I want attention.

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Damn you Microsoft!!1!

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If it means Nintendo will do legitimate DLC for Mario Kart later on, I don't mind. And even if it's blatant advertising, it's free and it looks kinda cool.

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@papercut said:

Yeah Lee was the most jarring thing for me.

Clem's voice actress being Beauty and TJ, little weird but I can handle.

Lee being Bluebeard took me out of the game for about two lines. Just completely threw me for a loop. It's like when you first realize he's the Hulu ad guy.

Mind blown.

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I feel guilty but I've been getting really pissed at Sarah, who needs to grow the hell up and realize that her actions/inactions have consequences.

I went easier on her at first, but going forward it's all going to be "shut up" or "deal with it".

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Only because you asked nicely.