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@voysa_reezun: True, but Patrick seems to be the poster child for this liberal stuff in this site which is probably why he gets so much flack for it while the other guys of the team just wanna play games and have fun.

I don't think you have a clue about what, "...the other guys of the team," do or do not want, particularly with regard to, "this liberal stuff."

Oh really? Why don't they ever talk about it then?

Name one time any of this nonsense has been talked about on the bombcast.

They talk about it all the time on Twitter and Tumblr. And Jeff wrote an Editorial on it a few months ago?

In what world do you think they don't give a shit? I'm sure they'd be insulted by your implication.

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Why is it so hard for the big game journalism sites to do a story that covers both sides?

The... side of people making rape and death threats to women for daring to create something in the industry of their choosing?

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@bargainben: I don't know... Southern Orcs would sound pretty stupid. I could see mobster New York Orcs better, personally.

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I don't know how you expected anything to get anywhere near as many votes as the P4 Endurance Run with that many choices.

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@andrewb: So the site redesign broke notifications? I haven't noticed any change, but I suppose I didn't get many notifications before the site redesign anyway.

All I know is that before the site redesign, my level of interaction with other users was often a result of me being alerted to their content and me posting to either their own wall or mine. With that functionality depreciated, the fallback would have been the notifications from them posting new blogs/lists/whatever. The only notifications I receive are for direct replies and PMs. Anything else only works on occasion and is promptly re-broken for extended periods. I'd point to Yummy directly for confirmation on that point. I'm on Giant Bomb more than daily and I used to catch his work frequently as a result, but the steps I have to go through to see his content has hindered my participation with his and others works.

I gathered a number of followers myself as a result of my participation with the forums and my own written pieces and lists, but I can't remember the last time I got a new follower and that is probably for good reason.

Yeah, I miss the old system for Following. Actually felt more like a community.

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Always thought Duck Hunt Dog would be a great retro character, or at least wanted a Duck Hunt stage.

Wish Dr Mario and Pitoo were costumes instead, though. Waste of 2 characters. And is Ganondorf still a Capt. Falcon clone? WTF

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@soldierg654342: We knew that. Like Wario in the last game, they showed Lil Mac in the pink training sweatsuit.

Hopefully they go all out with everyone. Give Mario a Dr Mario costume, etc.

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@garfield518: It's also possible he was running, and once he was shot AT, his body jerked in fear (which would look to people from a distance like he had been shot) and then turned around with his arms raised. Even the perfect eyewitness testimony has one or two flaws, which is why they try to find corroboration between testimonies. They have 4 practically identical testimonies. One of which was live tweeted immediately after the shooting.

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They did release the name of the officer, which I'm sure they also didn't want to do. I would think most of the other things you mentioned will have to wait for court, especially a statement or account from the accused. I also don't understand how they could be told by the department of justice not to release a video that state law requires them to release.

I will agree that it was incredibly poor timing for information that should have waited until trial, but it will be absolutely relevant to a defense attorney attempting to establish Brown as someone who had reason to fear being stopped by the police, and had a higher likelihood of resisting arrest or fighting with an officer.

I just hope several people saw the entire altercation, and not just after shots were fired. I think people testifying that they never saw Brown go for the officer's gun is the only thing that will absolutely ensure a guilty verdict. Everything else could possibly be blamed on panic / adrenaline, however true that may or may not have been.

One of the main reasons for the protests is that the police officer has not been indicted, and in recent history, many of them haven't been. People want this officer to be on trial, but the government has not made any indication that this is forthcoming yet.

I personally believe it will soon, but the past week has been frustrating for the people for this reason.

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Especially considering that black people are stopped by police more than white people even if they were doing nothing wrong, black people are arrested for crimes at a higher rate than white individuals even for crimes that white people are doing at the same/higher rate, and to top it off most Americans have a higher bias against people of color. Even minorities distrust minorities. It's a pretty deep-seated issue and it's naive to assume race has nothing to do with it.

Going to have to disagree with that as well. I don't think "Most" Americans have a bias based on skin color. I think you are missing the point that there are shady people in all races who should not be trusted. Perceptive people, again of all races, are able to pick up on who's shady and who's not and I don't believe that anyone perceptive can't see that people don't always break down neatly into groups based on skin color alone. I think we are confusing "racism" with "stereotyping" and I believe the latter is much more common and sometimes mistaken for the former.

And yet you ignore how we all are held to the same laws, yet for similar crimes the punishments are widely different between the races. And in cases like this, where a cop shot an unarmed teenager, if the teenager is black, society presumes that he is somehow at fault. If a cop killed an unarmed white teenager, do you really think we'd be trying to figure out how that kid somehow "deserved it"?

When a white teenager murders a group of people in public, we focus on where he went wrong: what happened to his parents, why wasn't he getting therapy, was he bullied, did he play video games? When a black teenager kills someone, we focus on his character and how he's just another thug, and the media pores through his facebook to find photos of him doing gang signs.