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This seems like a story where two sides behaving incredibly stupidly and the internet mobs are rushing to snap decisions, largely on the lines of preexisting political biases. Generally liberal and don't like cops? You are probably siding with protesters. Generally conservative and believe in "strong law enforcement"? You probably think the guy had it coming, and the cops have behaved appropriately.

For all we know at this point, the police officer may have shot the man in a perfectly legal manner, right? If he is in fact telling the truth and the guy reached for his gun the cop can't be expected to do anything else. However, the protesters surrendered the moral high ground when all the riots began. When convenience stores are being burned to the ground or otherwise completely vandalized, what kind of gear do you expect the cops to come out in the next day? They dressed appropriately for the job. That doesn't excuse their behavior. It's totally fucked how the cops are behaving like the Gestapo and arresting journalists.

The victim's friend says that the officer shot him eight times, front and back, including the head. If that turns out to be accurate "he was trying to take my gun" isn't much of an excuse at that point, even if it were true. The police are there to stop criminals, not to execute them. And I say that as a "generally conservative" individual.

I'm not automatically siding with the police regarding the aftermath, either. While I'm sure many are just following orders and trying to keep the peace, it's extremely debatable how appropriate--or effective--their actions have been as a whole.

It's not unheard of for witnesses to lie, especially if they want to get the cops in trouble. All we as the general public have right now as evidence are two sides saying different things, right? The autopsy will reveal a lot of information so there is no need to rely on heresy and speculation. I'm a big opponent of police brutality, but if somebody is on the verge of overpowering a police officer and attempting to take their gun I expect that police officer to shoot that individual as a matter of protecting themselves and the public. That doesn't have anything to do with execution. Now if the police officer fills their body full of bullets that is excessive for sure, and should be treated as such.

This. There was 1 witness, the guy's friend. Of course he's probably Black as well, and if he didn't hate the police before, he does now after seeing his friend get killed by them (regardless of wheather he deserved it).

1 witness shouldn't be enough for a verdict. They'll need lots of other evidence.

There were a few witnesses. And disregarding their claims is just as irresponsible as disregarding the officer's.

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I honestly can't tell how it would be perceived by the internet now if I said I'd be all for a Zelda main character that is a descendent of the others and everything, dresses in the Link clothing, but I'd rather she have a different name and not be a female "Link". That she could still be one of the "Heroes" but still a separate character from Link, in name at least - just so it's a new character.

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And they didn't even do that right, because as I said, a female Link wouldn't have anime schoolgirl thighs going on. It's out of character.

Dem thighs.

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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

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The rumor about that Wii U Zelda trailer having a female Link would have been the coolest thing ever if it was true, but this design just sucks.

I think the design looks pretty good. It's very obviously Link, but a female version in terms of build, face, hair length, and the redesigned garments, which in turn appear to be a redesign of his HW costume sans scarf.

My issue with it is, it seems to have been designed from a standpoint of "What if a lady was cosplaying as Link?" instead of "What can we do to make this design distinct from male Link, but still cool and character-appropriate?"

If Link was female, I'd like to imagine he wouldn't wear thigh-high boots and a mini-skirt (ignoring young Link's outfit for a moment). Link's clothes are fairly practical for rugged adventuring, especially in the more recent games.

Of course, this is just a collection of sketches, not a finalized design (as far as we know). But my criticism stands if it does show up in the game.

Well, the idea was to design Link as a lady in the context of an existing design. Not to design a female Link from scratch.

I've read that this was meant to be Link's daughter "Linkle". And that just raises more questions.

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Honestly, if its just going to be an all female cast I don't care. This isn't a sexist thing, I just don't won't it. The Ghostbusters wasn't about being all dudes, and it shouldn't be about all women either. The comic books have done a good job introducing new female characters, even having 3 women on the team for a short time...but I also don't care much about the new director. I thought Bridesmaids and The Heat were overrated.

There's a flaw in your logic.

The original Ghostbusters were all men, but as you said, wasn't "about being all dudes", but you won't see a Ghostbusters film with all women because it shouldn't be "about being all women". Just because the characters are women doesn't necessarily mean this would be some proto-feminist movie.

Paul Feig, who I believe is running it now, has been making a run of female-lead comedies lately, but for the most part they aren't all "girl power" or anything, they are basically Seth Rogen movies with Kristen Wiig instead. Now, not liking his style or movies is a legit concern, but I don't necessarily think women Ghostbusters is an issue (though an all-woman team does seem an odd fit for this franchise to me).

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The Turtles personalities were nailed...

I've seen a few people say this and I don't understand it. Yes, they each portray that singular character trait they all have (Donatello does machines, etc.) - except for Leo, who doesn't seem to lead or do much of anything. However, we see barely anything of their relationships with one another. They try to force the family thing in at the end, but we hardly ever seem them interact or relate. I feel like they each had about 10-20 lines each in this 2 hour movie, and by the end they were all still total strangers aside from what you know of them from the '80s cartoon theme song.

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What I am shocked about is how the executive people at Nickelodeon would even trust these people to create a good movie.

The deal for this movie was signed before Nickelodeon bought TMNT. I'm sure they weren't ecstatic about the quality, but it has already made more than they paid for the franchise anyway, so I'm sure they don't mind.

Also, it was painfully clear that the script was re-written mid-shooting so that William Fichtner wasn't the Shredder and was just an apprentice. Dude's name is even Eric Sachs (americanization of Oroku Saki), and Shredder is barely even a thing in this movie aside from some giant monster that shows up when Fichtner conveniently disappears.

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I met my fiance through Giant Bomb. We then played through Saints Row 2 & 3, Portal 2, Borderlands and a few other games before meeting, dating, and proposing.

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we believe this will be a step to really forging the Tomb Raider brand as one of the biggest in gaming

That doesn´t even begin to make sense. How can you increase your fanbase by excluding PS4- and PC-owners? I´m no marketing genius but shouldn´t you make your game availible to as many people as possible in order to "forge the brand"?

In a way, console exclusivity does give a game more attention (like in this case, even if it's negative). Also, it usually comes with a much larger marketing budget (subsidized by Microsoft).

The playerbase will be smaller, but it might get more attention. It's a theory, and it has worked in some cases, but it's risky and I don't think it's good for them in this instance.