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@hatking: Do you have any tech or programming experience to transition out of QA? Any plan for that? Or just working hard in QA and hoping to get brought up to Production or something?

I focus-tested Saints Row IV back when it was "Enter the Dominatrix", and it was cool seeing some of my suggestions make it in (and some that didn't).

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@hatking: Really? Awesome. What do you do there? I have a friend from college that's an Associate Producer at Volition.

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How do these work exactly? You need a router, and then you just plug these into an outlet to get a closer stronger signal in another room?

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I was always interested in this game, but after reviews came out that it was a middling B-game, I never got around to it. I'm still curious about it though. Since it'll probably never get a sequel, I want to know if it feels like a complete story, since I don't want to get in to it if it doesn't feel "whole".

Is there anyone who has beaten it that can let me know without spoiling it?

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@excast said:

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@excast: What else happened?

Well, there was also Elizabeth Simins making remarks about the makeup of the Giantbomb podcast panels and then almost immediately starting a movement to boycott panels that don't meet some arbitrary quota of women.

Oh god don't even bring her up.

Anyways it's cool people applied, but I think it was really wishful thinking that a community person would get the job.

Yeah, they'd probably have community members freelance for a few years before they were ever seriously considered for a position here.

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Kindle or Giant Bomb videos on my iPad.

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@pikadrew said:

@matiaz_tapia :- I'm not sure how it's done in the US but here in the UK its pretty much common courtesy to acknowledge receipt of an application and inform the applicant if they were unsuccessful (especially for a position like this), even if you don't reach the interview phase.

As far as the above tweets, she's asked explicitly if she's now had an explanation from someone as GB/CBSi. The answer to that question is yes and then the above is stated. I cannot see much of a problem here.

It may be sour grapes or she has been given some indication from that conversation what the situation is, no-one here knows for sure so suggesting the spreading of nasty rumours is pretty similar to what your accusing her of.

I have a job but I apply fairly regularly, and for the most part, you get no response of even receiving your application unless they want to interview you. It's an employers market, they can be shitty like that (and they also probably have an overwhelming number of applicants).

So yeah, calling Giant Bomb out for something the vast majority of the current job market does is a bit nit-picky. Most of her other complaints had merit, though.

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There is no way Tingle isn't playable. I cannot envision this game without a playable Tingle. Same with Gannondorf.

Skull Kid and Groose would be cool.

My long shot choices would be the Happy Mask Salesman and Longbeck.

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@thehumandove said:

Why the JJ hate? :(

Lens flare, for starters.

To be fair, he's even acknowledged it and thinks with Star Trek he's gone way too far -- so he'll probably consciously avoid it in the future.

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I subscribe to the video rss feeds on my iPad, so I can download them and watch them on my train ride to and from work. I don't ever really watch them any other way now.