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Oh hey, it's like 2012 all over again and a bunch of games people are into are being delayed into the next year.

No man, remember in 2012 they were saying how there weren't many games coming out and there were just slapdash spinoffs like God of War: Ascension and Gears of War: Judgment and Batman: Arkham Origins because they were saving all their new and good ideas for the new consoles? Remember how it was just the old consoles holding them back from these amazing new games? Man, that sucked. Thank God those new consoles came out almost a year ago, because we've been flooded with those new franchises and bold new ideas that the gaming industry had been holding back at the end of last generation.

Oh, and nobody wants to play their old games on their new consoles. Backwards compatibility is really backwards, hahahahaha. What people REALLY want is to pay $40-60 dollars to replay those games, slightly uprezzed, on their new consoles.


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@jasonr86: Yes, and at the end Joel lies to Ellie. Not to protect her from the truth, not for any altruistic reason, but to hide what he did because he worried she wouldn't approve and she'd leave him like his daughter did. It was a purely selfish decision. It was not altruistic or to give Ellie what she wanted/deserved. He couldn't lose her again. So he did what he did and lied to her afterwards.

And maybe to an extent she lied to herself too, lied that she actually believed him.

Joel isn't a hero at the end of the game. He's a man who's sick of losing everything that matters to him and he's not going to let it happen again, damn the consequences.

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@gunslingerpanda: Half-Life: Opposing Force is the only Gearbox thing I like, but it was an expansion pack. So no.

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Silent Hill 2.


I tried playing Silent Hill 2 with @duskvamp watching. She fell asleep, multiple times.

SH2 is moody and atmospheric, but it kind of only works when you're the one playing and you're alone and absorbed by it, in my opinion.

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Oh no...not Mary Kish! NOOOOOOOOO! Just say you're okay. :(

Good news duder!

Oh, thank god.

Everything will indeed change, and it's a shame that so soon after Gametrailers we have another site restructuring. Though it's definitely going to wear on the remaining staff for a while.

It's been almost two months, GT staffers are still bitter.

Where is this from?

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I have to agree with how vile the Gamespot community seems. Now, I am not going to excuse the clusterfuck that happened when Dan or Jason was hired or the horrific monstrosity that happened to Samantha Allen in the name of Giant Bomb, but these people seem like true monsters with no sense of remorse. Talk about heartless fools...

They are probably mostly children that don't fully grasp the real world yet, or the reality of being laid off in a shrinking job field/specialist market. But yeah, still...

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I like that they are experimenting with deals and programs and methods of payment/discounts, but I don't think I'd take advantage of this enough to make it cost-effective for me. There just aren't that many EA games I want each year.

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Still waiting on Tingle, Groose, Linebeck, and the Happy Mask Salesman.

Maybe Ricky the kangaroo, too.

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Looks like a Ridley Scott thing.

If they could just make more spartans why didn't they do that after Reach?

they did with the Spartan IV program but it took a while to crank them out. Master Chief is a Spartan 2 which are the ones that good juiced up and experimented on. Spartan4's are like regular soilders in battle armor 2's are like walking tanks.

Let me rephrase that, why didn't they make more Spartans that are exactly like Master Chief, or at the least Noble Squad.

Not to mention that all of the Halo games besides Halo Wars and Halo 4 take place in the span of a few months, so after the Spartan II's all died out, even if they were going to make more, they'd be years away from being completed. They had been working on less inhumane versions of Spartans during that time, though.

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