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I'm considering buying a PS3 because you can actually format your drive. Unlike on the 360 where format means "delete everything installed" and actually remembers your settings in every game you've ever played.

I'm fixated on keeping hard drives "clean." I wish there were a way to properly wipe your hard drive on 360.

This is my dumb hangup that genuinely keeps me up at night.

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Can you go to the moon in Mass Effect?

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They're almost certainly waiting to post the GB East video so they can have someone present to moderate the comments.

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@ohnoaghost: Neither side is after any material end goal. That's what makes it an ideological conflict. And no one is obligated to give out a handicap because one side claims the other is privileged.

See you on the next thread.

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The objection is less about the discussion of social issues and more about the agenda that comes with that discussion. Two sides taking entrenched positions isn't a discussion. And the introduction of a men's rights activist is going to be met with the same suspicion of an entrenched position as a guest on the podcast who uses terms like "cis gendered male." Which is widely regarded as a slur.

Agendas aren't healthy and result only in extremist communities like tumblr and 4chan, who are more alike than different in their degree of polarization.

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@rorie: This social focus on games is a recent development. Can we agree on that? There exists an old guard, surely we can agree on that. It's within the realm of reason for the old guard to prefer its established gameplay-focused coverage.

And it's within the realm of reason for the old guard to be unwelcoming of change. It is after all an enthusiast community, not a town hall. No one is justified to insist upon change or reform. That is all I was saying. Perhaps my analogy was overly complex.

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@rorie: That's not what I meant in the least. I was just countering your statement that looking at post counts is some sort of indication of veterancy. Obviously everyone's voice is welcome.

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@rorie: Not that it's relevant but comment counts don't amount to a whole lot. I've had a paid account since 2011 and haven't even made 200 comments. Some of the more active new members could top that in a day.

The argument that new voices are derailing an established community is evidenced even by the existence of this thread. There is a bit of a culture war going on in video games and acknowledging it is hardly controversial.

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I was once a member of the AtariAge forums for a year or so. I went there primarily as a collector interested in networking with other game collectors.

The AtariAge community is (I discovered) focused primarily on hardware and not so much on games. The community plays games almost exclusively through what's called a Harmony Cart, a glorified USB stick which is usually loaded with the entire catalog of the Atari 2600.

I foolishly attempted to chastise veteran members of the community for what I saw as essentially emulation and implied I was a more genuine Atari fan for collecting the "real deal."

They shouted me out of their community and deservedly so. I came as an outsider with an agenda and demanded a place at the table, despite my contempt for everyone else present.

I eventually apologized and they accepted me, once I was willing to participate as a member instead of a reformer.

This is an analogy but I think it's applicable.