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Lately I've started listening to the VideoGamer podcast. I recommend it.

Four or so British fellows with engagingly critical views of the industry. It's a breath of fresh air from the somewhat predictable mainstream games press.

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I live in Virginia and you very quickly develop the ability to suss out likely conservatives and censor oneself accordingly. I suspect the inverse is true.

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@slag: You're absolutely right, actually. The tweet must have been deleted. He was reblogged by @ElizSimins. I'll edit my previous statement. Thank you for pointing that out.

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@thesoutherndandy said:
Also it is kinda weird the OP tried to link this to the people who started it. I don't know what that's gonna accomplish.

To answer your question, @reverendanthony told me here that "I hope you fail in your life goals" after I made a joke about this tumblr initiative being unsurprising from the guy that filled Borderlands 2 with internet memes. I deleted the joke immediately after making it, not wanting to start trouble but I guess he got an email notification and replied with his blessing.

It seemed only fair to link him to my reply.

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Yo I'm going to give everyone a tip for how to handle things like this... stop giving them attention. Like seriously these are the fringiest of fringe people, this isn't a movement.

I agree that their ideas are fringe but the lead writer for Borderlands 2 is not a marginal figure.

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Before I begin, I'd like to state I am not suggesting action of any kind. I merely wish to shine a light on some curious and catty internet business being implicitly aimed at Giant Bomb.

Right, so here's the background story: The Giant Bomb E3 panel existed, as it does annually. The usual cast of characters were invited, as you'd hope they would be. Things went off without a hitch, save for some split beer.

One person, at least, was offended. These two quotes are from Twitter:

"@ElizSimins: Watching a bit of the e3 @giantbomb bombcast from last night and damn that is a lot of (white) dudes. :-/"

And later:

"@ElizSimins: I know so many women at all levels of game stuff and I'm way less connected than @giantbomb, how hard is it to find more than 1 per panel?"

Perhaps she was offended she wasn't invited to the panel. I don't really know or care. Later on the 19th, Patrick Klepek replied via Tumblr in the post linked below. I might not have said anything but he is thoughtful and considerate, as evidenced by the content of his post:

12 hours ago, @ElizSimins teamed up with lead writer on Borderlands 2 and internet meme enthusiast, @reverendanthony on the following initiative:

"@reverendanthony: So @ElizSimins and I are organizing a list of games dudes who won't participate in panels/podcasts/etc without women"

Evidently the happy pair were unsatisfied with Patrick's explanation and have decided to launch this implied boycott. As stated at the top, I merely wished to shine a light on this topic.

Thank you.

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Who cares what it looks like if the game isn't any good?

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They're going to have to rerecord the podcast news section now.

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Does this mean John Carmack works for Facebook now?

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I've given up hope for this UPF. I've realigned my prayers for a VinnyVania, Pt. 2 at some point this week. Amen.