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3/6 and honestly I felt like I was just guessing even on the ones I got right

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LBX is an anime about kids building little, remote controlled mecha models, battling them, and taking on a secret conspiracy because that's how anime works.

So it's Pokemon with mechs?

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Is the "I didn't ask for this" "I asked for this" something from Deus Ex? I assumed it was a meme that came from Square's habit of hyping up major announcements that end up being mobile games but I also know Jeff's feelings on memes.

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What is it about this one game that has turned everyone stupid about exclusives?

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Depends on how it is presented.

For instance, I loved Dragon Age 2. I recognize it is a flawed game and if someone wants to say "I didn't like DA2 because of the repetitive environments, smaller scope, lack of meaningful choices, etc." I'm fine with that and am more than happy to have a discussion about it.

But when someone just says "Game is garbage, LOL", it's hard to consider that person someone worth talking to.

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I think they should take a break from it for a while. I really enjoyed the first 2 but this last one really was not fun to watch. Jeff and Brad seemed really angry. Not playing it up for comedy, genuinely angry.

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We will miss you, Patrick. God speed.

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So absolutely nothing has changed? Good to know.

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You are totally right about Aiden, Patrick, but the story in general was so uninteresting that I largely stopped paying any attention during cutscenes. I nonetheless had an enjoyable enough time with the game.

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God speed Vinny. Wish you all the best at GBNY and of course I will be watching, but man, this site will never be the same without him and Jeff, Brad and Drew in the same room.