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We will miss you, Patrick. God speed.

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So absolutely nothing has changed? Good to know.

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You are totally right about Aiden, Patrick, but the story in general was so uninteresting that I largely stopped paying any attention during cutscenes. I nonetheless had an enjoyable enough time with the game.

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God speed Vinny. Wish you all the best at GBNY and of course I will be watching, but man, this site will never be the same without him and Jeff, Brad and Drew in the same room.

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My What's New activity feed only displays my own activity and never pulls anything from any of my 50 friends. I had a friend tell me they have not seen any of my activity show up in his feed either but plenty from his other friends. Is anyone else having this problem? Is it a PSN issue or is there a setting I am completely missing? I have played around with the privacy settings but that has changed nothing.

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Excellent article, Alex

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Another fantastic piece Alex

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suddenly does a $20 million cannonball into the pool

I loved this line. It's funny but also somehow very accurate.

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Maybe now Desilets can fix Assassin's Creed

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Looking forward to this feature