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I'm doing the same thing, been declining patch 1.2 and playing offline for a week now. I wonder if many others are doing that and if it is making a dent in the XBL most played games weekly list or not? I'm not planning on taking 1.3 for a day or two as well until I hear reports of how that one stacks up. The game is playing fine for me with my current patch *knock on wood* so I want to be careful about taking something new.

At this point I have the thieves guild quests and a few Daedra artifacts to collect and I'll be done with the meat of the game.

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If you max enchantment you can make magic crazy overpowered. After I hit 100 on Destruction I started using a bow just so I would be leveling something, but now that I've hit level 50 I've started switching back to 0 cost destruction magic when I want to blow through some enemies. Like yesterday I was jumped by 4 Draugr Deathlords and when it became clear they were going to be a bitch to take out with my bow I did a quick outfit change and burnt through them like butter using Incinerate.

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I'm boring. Most of my stuff is named so it groups alphabetically and I know what it does at a glance. Restoration + Conj Necklace, Restoration + Conj Ring, etc.

I did name my bow that absorbs stamina + causes fire damage 'Bow of the Phoenix.' Maybe that name would work better if it trapped souls + fire damage...

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@jaycrockett: That's what I was afraid of. I've got the soul trap enchantment on my main weapon so I'll have to make a new one. Also, how do you know what level of souls the enemies are?

I'd love to know if there is some trick to this as well. I just kind of guess based on how tough they are to kill from past experience and switch to a non soul trapping weapon for any easy enemies when I run out of empty petty gems.

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The value of my daggers varies, but seems to stay consistent per vendor. Maybe it's because some vendors are friends and some aren't? For Absorb Health + Banish daggers I get 1800 from some vendors and barely 1000 from others.

Do you think that race plays a part. The racism in Skyrim isn't as blatant as it was in Oblivion, but maybe some vendors screw you over because of your race.

No idea, but I guess that could be it. I'm playing a high elf.

I'll try to pay more attention to the exact value I get for daggers from a specific vendor to see if it gradually lowers. At this point they pay me more than all of their gold for one dagger so it doesn't matter much. I usually buy all of their arrows and maybe some pricey ingots to make up the difference from weapons vendors, but the ingots just go in a chest in my house as I don't wear armor.

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The value of my daggers varies, but seems to stay consistent per vendor. Maybe it's because some vendors are friends and some aren't? For Absorb Health + Banish iron daggers w/ petty soul gems I get 1800 from some vendors and barely 1000 from others.

I'm 99% sure I have not seen any fluctuation in value, but I've been 100 on enchanting for a while now. Also I did not take last week's patch.

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I do banish + absorb health on daggers. That seems to be the highest yielding buffs I have. I now keep a stack of a dozen or so magic daggers on hand so I can tap out any weapon buying merchants I come across. I get over 1000 per dagger by wearing a necklace I enchanted with a 25% barter buff and a thieves guild hood. One dagger pretty much taps out any merchant unless I also buy stuff.

I should keep a stack of enchanted rings on hand to sell to mages since they generally don't want daggers, but haven't bothered yet. They don't sell for as much as the daggers so it's not as fun.

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I turned mine up to Expert yesterday with my mage and it's back to being about as challenging as it was before I maxed out Enchanting to 100.

I feel like there is a chance I'll die in battles against a handful of powerful enemies again. Dragons are still a piece of cake - biggest problem there is when they fly off, become distracted by something, and the terrain prevents me from reengaging.

I should try Master difficulty, but I do enjoy being a little overpowered.

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I'm holding off on the patch, though now I'm hitting the bug where dragons don't release their soul all the time. 4 of my last 5 dragon slayings didn't yield a soul. Not sure if it's because I pretty much never spend them or not. I guess I'll spend a half dozen of my stash and see if that helps things or not.

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Are you able to decline a patch on the 360? I would be fine with holding off until things shake out.