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Picked it up yesterday.  Extremely easy S-Rank.
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" Bought it! Have the first championship edition ever been on sale? "

 I think it comes on one of the Arcade compilation discs which can be had for fairly cheap from time to time.
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Loved checking these out, thanks for sharing them.

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Looks cool, but doubt it will be enough to get me to buy a kinect.

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There shall be no religious litmus test to hold public office.  But in reality, my guess is it does matter to a fairly large percent of voters.   I can only imagine the crap Fox News would make up about a Muslim candidate for POTUS who had any traction on the national stage.  In my experience, most people get over their prejudices if they have real life experience with the group they fear.
As for Obama specifically, only crazies think he is muslim.

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Some think the Universe would self correct to prevent that sort of thing from happening.  The classic paradox is traveling back in time and killing your grandfather before your mom/dad is conceived.

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I generally have to look at hints for obscure quests and it's nice to be able to figure one out without doing that from time to time.  I think a mix is good.

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  #2167 just now.  Pretty easy, with no QL video potential problems.

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This came as part of the GOTY edition for me.  I played about 40 minutes of the first arena, died on the 3rd boss, and decided that was enough Underdome for me.   I rarely have the desire or time to spend 3 hours straight on a game, let alone something that isn't fun.

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11 down, 1 to go!
Will quests unlock via the iPhone?  Probably that's the only way I'll have access to the net tomorrow.

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Front pocket for comfort and to make it as difficult as possible to steal my wallet.