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Just to be clear, the further down the poll options you go, the higher you value your achievement points.  (Basically.)

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Pretend that Microsoft announced you could convert your achievement points to Microsoft points, how much would you need to do it?  When you did this the achievement points would be deducted from your total, but the achievements would still be unlocked so you can't just play an easy game over and over to game the system.
Would you do it for any amount of Microsoft points?  Is no amount high enough to get you to part with your beloved achievement points?
I'm pretty sure I'd do it for as low as $1 per 1000.

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That's interesting.  I had heard that a host change FUBARs a perfection.  Good to hear that is not the case.
If you look at your medals on that game, you have the Perfection, but no Running Riot (due to the host change.)  I imagine it is truly rare to earn a Perfection without getting at least a Running Riot.  
Bummer that you were screwed out of the Running Riot, Rampage, and Invincible medals, but that is a very enlightening game history.  I'm going to bookmark it.  :-D
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This is an interesting question.  I think it would take an alien threat for this to happen within the next 100 years.
And any aliens that have the capability to invade Earth would be so far ahead of us technologically that we'd be 100% fucked anyway.

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I don't think she's planning to run.  She's just coyly playing with the possibility to further fuel interest in her book/reality show/Fox News appearances.  She's proven to be very savvy in keeping herself in the media spotlight.

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I think I'm going to pick up Monkey Island and Splosion Man.   Should I pick up Monkey Island 1 or 2 if I'm just getting one of them?  I think I'll go with 1 and if I like it, I'll buy the 2nd at some point down the road.
Loved Portal in Orange Box, but I don't think I want the stand alone that just repackages the OB version along with a bunch of tougher maps.  If it was like $2-3 I'd probably go for it.  (Damn, I'm cheap.)

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@Jack_Daniels said:

"  I played against this guy yesterday  http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/default.aspx?player=Spidaro  He is a field marshal who go there without boosting. Somehow he got a killpocolypse. But he has also spent almost 240 hours playing big team battle. Talk about having no life! "

Impressive stats on that guy.  He has a Corrected medal (15 stickie streak), 2 Second Gunmen (15 assist streak) and 6 Unfrigginbelievables (40 killstreak)   Those three medals are a few of the most difficult IMO.  I partly drafted up a blog ranking the medals in order of difficulty, but kind of tabled it.
I'll probably take a string of matches and just go for a Sticky Spree (5 in a row) soon, but even that seems pretty tough.
 I've seen some legit looking killionaire videos in Team SWAT.  You must be able to predict spawns (or get lucky.)   Perhaps in BTB if you are in the Scorpion and have some lucky enemy spawns.
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I do think there should be more competitive videogame tournament coverage on TV.  Are there any shows currently that showcase top gameplay?  
As far as any stigma, I think that is going to fade with time.  Someone who is 50+ grew up with shitty (or no) video games, so they are more likely to have a view of video games being just for kids.  People in their 20-30s grew up with Nintendo on up and I think they'll maintain the attitude that video games are a hobby for all ages whether or not it is their personal thing.  Just my opinion.

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Haven't read them.  They seem like teen romance novels and that's really not my genre.