So my PC build blew up .... literally

Big "bang" sound & smoke. I will bring it to repair tomorrow. *sigh*

I guess the CPU blew up. The way the heat-sink was mounted really felt flimsy, though could not have imagined how to do it otherwise. I hope the damage is limited to CPU and mainboard.

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Posted by Bollard

Woah what?! How can anything inside a computer explode? Hope you get it sorted!

Posted by Wuddel

I went to the guy with the custom gaming PC shop, who assured me that the bang was almost definitely due to faulty PSU. I should just try to swap it. Going back to my flat I removed the PSU and there was actually something loose in it. Currently on my way to the parts store.

Posted by Wuddel

@chavtheworld: It seems to have been a faulty PSU. I got a replacement and at the moment the system runs. Installing all the windows updates and drivers currently.