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Are you people high? This is Russia. Nothing has changed since the cold war. The US could win a war against the Russia easily at any time. But Russia can easily at any time take mankind with them. As harsh as it sounds, mankind and 100.000 years of human accomplishment are probably worth the lives, freedom and happiness of billions of people.

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I am a PC gamer because I like strategy games.

Civ 5 (i think the humble store has a sale)

XCOM if you havent played it yet

(make sure you get all the expansions)

then it is time to step it up and get into paradox games: Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis 4

Also pretty good are Total War Shogun 2 and Total War Napoleon.

Dawn of War is worth a look.

(these titles are often featured in steam sales. you can get the base game usually below 10 eur, expansions are more expensive though)

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I just recently got my 3DS. I never played a JRPG. Is this game for me? (I usually like heavily mechanics focused games.)

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Vote with your wallet. Aren't traditional Fantary-MMORPGs pretty dead anyway?

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I am interested in only about 5% of the games covered here. I come here for the stupid stuff. Then again if you should start making Crusader Kings II lets plays....

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One word: Autobahn ... no speed limit (most of the time). Then again I live in Switzerland were 120 kph is max and everyone adheres to this 95% of the time (so do I).

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I think it totally can work. Especially when you play Counter-Strike-like game modes etc. which focus on tactics etc. I would be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt here.

It is not what I am looking for in a shooter. I want massive scale, pseudo-"frontlines" of people crashing into each other and total chaos. Battlefield actually scratches this itch surprisingly well for me. It also runs ok lately (PC). All we need is a new Battlefield 2142 now.

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Blair Whitch Project I think. I am usually only grossed out by horror movies. Not a big fan.

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