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Not really a bug and maybe already discussed, but if you have subscribed to the premium podcasts (not sure about the normal ones) on an iOS device on 8.4, the podcasts will be marked as explicit and you will not be able to play them even if you have no restrictions set at all. This might not occur in all territories (in respect to your iTunes account). It certainly happens here in Switzerland,

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I probably should wipe my installation. I might upgrade to Win 10 as well. But I want to to a clean install. Can you buy usb drives then (my current machine has no optical). My working computer is a Mac anyway. I only trust Windows with games.

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Python maybe? Or rank up in the empire and get a clipper.

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Civ V which is not really old. 2010

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Well, I have finally come to terms with the fact that I have lost interest in almost all games with stories or were you control a single humanoid to kill people/monsters/robots. This has been the main theme in gaming for me in the last 3-4 years. What I am playing:

  • Europa Universalis 4 Add-ons, entirely different game from release. Nearly, my "lonely island" game.
  • Cities Skylines, maybe my game of the year so far
  • Elite Dangerous i love the recreation of the galaxy, a bit bleak in spots, but I can overlook that
  • Hearthstone still great (I am not that deep into it yet)
  • Heros of the Storm but of a disappointment
  • Subnautica (early access) I am the guy who loves the underwater level in every game. That made a whole game as an underwater level.

To do:

  • Project Cars, wanted to get a wheel but I got a flight stick for Elite instead but it looks & feels fantastic
  • Witcher 3 & Pillars of Eternity giving this weird "story stuff" another wil, but a couple hours in I mainly feel bored or with the desire to start over again and again
  • Galactic Civilizations 3 people say that this is the best 4x game ever
  • Endless Legend/Space havent gotten around those
  • Talos Principle

Looking forward to:

  • Civ Beyond Earth Rising Tide expansion
  • No Mans Sky (2016?)
  • Hearts of Iron 4 (2016)
  • Sattelite Reign (currently EA, I am a backer)
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Born and raised (until I was 10) in communist East Germany. Religion was seen as opium for the masses. Easter and Christmas were still celebrated as mainly secular holidays.

My parents did not raise me in any religion. Both left the Lutheran church. My dad being a staunch atheist, my mom not sure. There is some spirituality and even believe in god in my life, but given my heritage and me having a PhD on biophysics, it is likely very different from that of religions or "spiritual" people. I am only replying to this thread as I listened to a podcast from Sam Harris today and thought about how the existence of god can or can not be reconciled with statistical thermodynamics.

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Got a x52 pro for this. You CAN set up a layout using the awkward utility, but you also just plug it in and it has a sensible layout already. Its so much fun.

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Germany/Austria 0 - THIS MEANS WAR! ;)

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estonia, hungary, cyprus, austria, germany are my top 5 - with lithuania having the cutest girl

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@dixavd: 60th anniversary special occasion thingy