GOTY 2013

This might be work in progress. I am pretty sure about No 1 though.

I still mean to play Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (I like AC and boats, and that time period) at some point, but man there are too many games. I essentially still have a lot of 2011/2012 games I really want to play. The Last of Us is probably good too, but I only have so much time.

Essentially Crusader Kings II should also be on this list. They released a buch of expansions and really see games as a service. Probably betwen Bioshock and BF.




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Posted by Bollard

Still haven't played the HOTS story. Or completed the WOL campaign. Also what are the Crusader Kings 2 expansions about anyway?

Posted by Wuddel

@chavtheworld: I play those campaigns on normal. Which is easy, and does not take a long time. This is probably some great entertainment you already paid for. The WOL one is shorter than the HOTS I think. And you could win most missions with never ending hordes of free, upgraded zerglings.

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Ah yeah, and CK2 expansions usually add new types of playable characters to the game, which then have some unique mechanics and events/missions. Often some new gameplay mechanics are introduced. 2013 saw the biggest DLC (The Old Gods) so far, which introduced pagans (VIKINGS! and Persians) and extended the playtime to a start in the 9th century. In January they already added merchants republics with elections, in which they introduced a new "holding type" (trade post) which is independet from the owner of the province. Merchants also have a special upgrade path for their "villa". In the "sons of abraham" they added new religious aspects like pilgrimage for christians, introduced a way to influence the outcome of the election of the pope and added playable Jews.

In 2012 they already added muslims, which have a unique "decadence" mechanic, and expanded the gameplay for orthodox christians and the Byzantine Empire.

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@wuddel said:

@chavtheworld: I play those campaigns on normal. Which is easy, and does not take a long time.

I was also on Normal, and I was bored out of my damn mind. I don't even like playing Terran really, I played all the Protoss missions. But it was actually so easy I got bored, plus I actually thought the missions really dragged on!

HOTS campaign actually looked more fun, what with the upgrades and such. I nearly skipped the rest of WOL and gave it a go.