PC games collection & history

PC games I played/own, in no particular order. It includes both recent titles and also the stuff I played in my teens. PC is in the widest sense possible. As a special treat it includes both a single Mac and a single Linux game, meaning a system-specific binary pressed on a disc and sold in a a retail box. Imagine that.

Many of them I barely touched (Steam sales *sigh*). Actually, there are more games on my Steam account than that are even on this list, but I can not be bothered to add them all, if I do not play them.

EDIT: just lost about 80 items from this list due to a bug ... so yeah it is inclomplete

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Posted by Schuultz

Nice list. Absolutely love the Total War series, not that big into Starcraft. I guess I'm just not a base-builder. Anyway, if you ever want to play some Versus/Coop Napoleon over Steam just PM me and I'll give you my SteamID!