Coming Soon: Steel Battalion battle reports

I picked up Steel Battalion a couple weeks ago inspired by both seeing it at PAX as well as the announcement of Steel Battalion 2.  I've been trying to figure out how best to do it, but I figure it would be fun to post a bit about playing the damn game.  Maybe I'll goof around with it by making it from the perspective of olde timeye battlefield diaries.  We'll see.

Ye Olde list of things I expect to be on display at PAX 2010

So I just made a huge list of companies and things I expect too see show up at PAX 2010.  Some of it is based on what I've seen at previous PAX setups.  Some is based on what these companies were showing off at San Diego Comic Con.  Some is pure speculation.  There are a few things I feel that people may expect to be there that I think won't show up for one reason or another.  
Anyways, here's the list:  Stuff I expect to see at PAX 2010
Among the things that will be noticeably absent will include:

edit: crap, NOW that they announced ME2 for PS3, EA/Bioware found an excuse to show off Mass Effect at PAX again. 

  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Nintendo has been kind of quiet about this and I can see them staying as such since its almost a certain buy for many people and it probably won't be easy to have a demo that can sell people who are on the fence since it will be getting hogged up by the people who are already going to buy it.
  • Batman: Arkham City - Another game that was too new.  Maybe a sizzle reel, but probably not too much new at this point.  Hopefully we do get a Batman Batman Batman cosplay trio to show up at the Giant Bombcast panel instead.
I'm probably going to add to it after Gamescom, but I'm going to try to avoid removing things I've listed so far and I'm also going to try to keep from adding the above items that I've specifically called out as things that I don't expect to be there.  I'll probably also add more stuff to my no-show list.

Slacking off and yet not enough time to waste

OK.  I'll admit that this is among the several blog posts that are being made just for the new Giantbomb "quest" system.  But when I went to make a list for it, I decided to start with a Pile of Shame list of games I have purchased but haven't ever played.  I've also got an idea that I gotta make a "barely scratched the surface" of games I've technically turned on once but barely did anything with.
Then I realized that while I tend to waste lots of time on stupid things, I also have TONS of other things I could and maybe SHOULD be wasting time with instead.  Maybe this will be the kick in the pants I need.  Hell, I haven't played WoW for months so that's one step in the right direction already.