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So I'm still a newbie when it comes to how long wrestling promotions would run with certain things and how often some of the overarching "company" backdrop stuff gets changed around. Mainly, I'm trying to figure out what sort of "end games" WWE can have for the whole Daniel Bryant vs The Authority path. Basically, it feels WAY too soon for them to strip his belt at this next PPV and since the rivalry is all built on "we think you're B+" I can't see a near term path for The Authority to start accepting Bryant.

I do see DB vs Kane as an opening for Stephane to START taking Bryant's side as a "Oh God! I'm so sorry for what I unleashed. We need to unite and stop him" team-up trope, but it still only feels like it would be the beginning and would take more sort of reconciliation events for a believable situation where DB retains the belt and The Authority in its current form is on his side or at least just neutral to him.

The only other thing I can see is they run the angle that because of what they did by "reawakening" Demon Kane, The Authority gets stripped of their power (it could free them up to let HHH & Evolution act as a more free wheeling threat) and new management gets propped up that would be less of a heel role (for the moment at least).

But I guess that is what I mean by not knowing how often they shake up the "management" side of their stories.

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I think this one has to become part of the giant bomb go to gifs:

Yeah, that is a great moment of The Ultimate Wolf when he made his way up to the mic (and scary how fast he would flip both in & out of "The Ultimate Wolf" form after the match)

I do hope that on Bombin' In The AM, The Snow Wolf/El Lobo De La Nieve wears the mask for the entire show or at least when he takes it off, he has "!EM PLEH" on his forehead.

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Because it was basically a "end of Raw before the Royal Rumble" moment, go to the end of the PAX panel from 2:35:00 and just watch to the end. (There was some promo-aspects with Jeff Hayman talking about his client Dr. Tracksuit earlier in the Q&A, but yeah...)


Edit: made the link go to the timecode

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Oh yeah, where the hell was Rusev? Not like I was hoping to see him make a big showing, but they didn't even put him into the Battle Royal? All he's done outside NXT since the Royal Rumble was self promos and stand up on a podium in self promotion. What the hell is the WWE even doing here?

On a side note, is anybody else kind of hoping he stumbles has he climbs his podium? I'm sort of wondering if that kind of goof up could happen and curse him with being the new Shockmaster. In a related and somewhat more serious sort of question to people who've been around longer, would they do some sort of re-take if a new wrestler has a stumble in a segment that is intended for TV, but filmed in front of a live audience, such as a Smackdown taping?

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So... what I HOPE is the aftermath for Lesnar is the supernatural forces around the Undertaker start to haunt Brock and attack him. I know it won't because: a) its kind of dumb, b) WWE characters are "real" people these days with Taker seeming to be the last big "supernatural" character (even Kane is played mortal now). I'll get back to a dream thought on Lesnar in a moment though...

For Cena/Wyatt, I started getting in last Christmas break when nothing was on except for Universal HD playing the Christmas week's Raw & Smackdown back-to-back. So when the Wyatts attacked Cena in the RR for apparently no reason, I got the feeling that the middle of the RR was scripted by someone's 7-year-old kid ("... and then the Wyatts attack because they're creepy & cool". "Brock hits Big Show with a chair. And when it breaks, he gets another chair. And another chair. And THEN the match starts"). So yeah, I had no idea what the hell they were thinking they were doing there.

I will say that I finally found some enjoyment in the "story" of Cena/Wyatt since it seemed like it wasn't until the match started & Bray kneel that I saw they were going for a "forcing a good man struggles with the beast within" story (Hey, I'm a bit of a werewolf fan, so that's a common trope to hit on in that genre). It was the "right" ending to that though since Cena is such a great Make-A-Wish WWE spokes person for them.

So yeah, I do want to see someone re-cut that match to mix in Return of the Jedi Emperor "strike him down" scene dialog & effects in there. Search your feelings, you know that's what the writers were drawing from.

So getting back to Lesnar, what I kind of semi-realistically dream they could do is the Wyatt family now turns to Lesnar either now knowing he is the beast they were seeking for, or in retaliation for disrespecting "the forces" behind the Undertaker. Again, I know it won't happen because Lesnar can't play off of any sort of gimmick, he's just a big strong guy who wants to defeat big strong guys. Which is sad because it just reenforces the part-timer aspect of him since they can't really fit him into any build up stories that could involve some sort of personal beef with someone/something.

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I was kind of Defaulting myself away from this, but decided to Brave in and added most of the FCs from pages 3 & 4 (since the full thread would push me well over 100) I'll further prune old invites if I need to add people who add me

Code is 0731-4784-7692

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Two 3DS's to register here.


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It should be noted that at least for Eavesdropper, before you start your new game you can look into your logs and you can see all the Voxiphones you picked up for that run. Then you can look up on a FAQ and identify the ones you missed (at least with respect to that run).

There isn't any sort of log for the Telescopes & Kinetoscopes, but at least there are only 37 of those. I may be wrong, but there is one particular telescope that I thought I had in my first run, but didn't get credit until my third "just finish collectables" run.

It was the one on the "Factory" stage where you first fight the Vox Populi when Fitzroy turns on you and sends her guys, including a handyman. The telescope is near where you can tear in a Tesla Coil. I think before I looked at it before I triggered the fight but you may only get credit if you use it AFTER the fight because it seems to be pointing at a building that ends up either burning or at least covered in red Vox Populi banners.

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Great choice for the embedded image. Feel better man.

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Nice use of a Scanners clip.