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Two 3DS's to register here.


Name: WulfBane

FC: 0731-4784-7692

Version: Y

Safari type: (unknown)


Name: Fox Fire Ohm

FC: 2981-6575-1671

Version: X

Safari type: Poison

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It should be noted that at least for Eavesdropper, before you start your new game you can look into your logs and you can see all the Voxiphones you picked up for that run. Then you can look up on a FAQ and identify the ones you missed (at least with respect to that run).

There isn't any sort of log for the Telescopes & Kinetoscopes, but at least there are only 37 of those. I may be wrong, but there is one particular telescope that I thought I had in my first run, but didn't get credit until my third "just finish collectables" run.

It was the one on the "Factory" stage where you first fight the Vox Populi when Fitzroy turns on you and sends her guys, including a handyman. The telescope is near where you can tear in a Tesla Coil. I think before I looked at it before I triggered the fight but you may only get credit if you use it AFTER the fight because it seems to be pointing at a building that ends up either burning or at least covered in red Vox Populi banners.

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Great choice for the embedded image. Feel better man.

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Nice use of a Scanners clip.

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Actually, there are three additional fast travel points in the Frontier. They open up when you go into (and I think interact) with each of the three shops in the Frontier. Doing that will give you a fast travel point just outside the store you went into.

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Just disappointed that they couldn't find some way to have a constant thru line of Ryan saying or referencing his desire for Jeff to not have his way as presented in "The Workplace". I'm sure I saw a moment where it could have come up in all of them.

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@Asger Full version is completely free as long as you download & unlock it before the end of the year. Just like with regular XBLA downloads, you're first downloading the 'trial' version and then you're getting a key for the full unlock. Also, another way you can get to the full version unlock is when you fire it up in demo mode, in the upper right portion of the screen should be an "unlock full version" monitor. That takes you to where you would 'buy' the full version. It's just that it is 0 points to get now for the promotion. I saw this topic before I got home to download this and noticed the download info does mention the "unlock full version" in game menu item but its easy to miss on that page and I think I only saw it because I was making sure I didn't miss something in that text after seeing the original post.

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So I'll admit that I was kind of watching to see if Little Inferno would get a discount during the Autumn Steam Sale, but I'm not too shocked that it didn't since it JUST came out. So I ask if anybody would suggest getting the Steam version or the Wii U version? I kind of would like to be able to play it from the couch since Big Picture mode has really spoiled me. This really looks like a "sit back on the couch & mess around with things" toy app and sitting at the PC w/ a mouse just wouldn't feel the same.

On the other hand, getting the Wii U had me attempt to fix my dead launch Wii ($75 service fee from Nintendo isn't worth it for about $40 worth of VC downloads on it). But I just put in a replacement BlueTooth module and its still dead is just making me sour on how Nintendo's downloadables are locked to the hardware.

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Eh, what the hell.

User: WulfBane

NNID: WulfBane

(glad for once in a long while I didn't need to add my usual numbers to a gaming ID)

Probably just going to post movie/pop-culture quotes & references to Miiverse. All started with using They Live quotes in Super Mario U (OBEY!) and now I'm putting objects from Waterworld into the water stages (dirt, paper, etc).

Edit: BTW, Mr_Mistery's NNID has a typo in the table. Should be Eighteen88 (only has one e in the teen part on the table)

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@DystopiaX Yeah, as @Sackmanjones suspected, I pre-ordered on Steam so I get the giant flat-top & extra customizability options (part of the 1st tier of their tiered pre-order unlock system)