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So I just made a huge list of companies and things I expect too see show up at PAX 2010.  Some of it is based on what I've seen at previous PAX setups.  Some is based on what these companies were showing off at San Diego Comic Con.  Some is pure speculation.  There are a few things I feel that people may expect to be there that I think won't show up for one reason or another.  
Anyways, here's the list:  Stuff I expect to see at PAX 2010
Among the things that will be noticeably absent will include:

edit: crap, NOW that they announced ME2 for PS3, EA/Bioware found an excuse to show off Mass Effect at PAX again. 

  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Nintendo has been kind of quiet about this and I can see them staying as such since its almost a certain buy for many people and it probably won't be easy to have a demo that can sell people who are on the fence since it will be getting hogged up by the people who are already going to buy it.
  • Batman: Arkham City - Another game that was too new.  Maybe a sizzle reel, but probably not too much new at this point.  Hopefully we do get a Batman Batman Batman cosplay trio to show up at the Giant Bombcast panel instead.
I'm probably going to add to it after Gamescom, but I'm going to try to avoid removing things I've listed so far and I'm also going to try to keep from adding the above items that I've specifically called out as things that I don't expect to be there.  I'll probably also add more stuff to my no-show list.
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You know, the little flash adventure game for Fable 2 alright especially compared to other in-game promotions at the time and the Crackdown 2 facebook game wasn't too bad of a puzzle game on its own.  But this sounds like a "not farmville" to me.

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Yeah, I'm yet another OCD completionest yet solo lurker of giantbomb.  I'll take some superficial friends in support of the other lurkers like me.

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A part of me would find it funny if the 4GB of this supposed arcade 360S was in the form of a 4GB USB stick.
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Don't know who #2001 is, but I can confirm I'm #2014.  Heck, when I checked the front page and first saw the ConQuest, it was already over.
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How about $5?  I picked up Singularity (I'm kind of a sucker for time travel & alternate history sci-fi tech) and found out that they have an offer to get a "free" copy of Prototype if you pay for shipping ($4.95).  Do I really want to curse myself with Prototype?  Sounds like from the Bombcast, Ryan wasn't all that hot even though I did see cartoon Brad pumping his fist when I clicked through the Prototype page.

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 Previously, I just had the old white non-HDMI 360 with component cables and it worked fine for my TV & Receiver setup.  I've got two HDMI ports on my receiver and those are being taken up with my PS3 and cable box and I've got component connections for my 360 and the receiver is fully capable of rerouting the video from the component  into the receiver into HDMI for my TV.  The TV I've got is an HD-ILA rear projection that is capable of 720p/1080i.  It doesn't have 1080p support and its projection because I got it when plasmas were still crazy expensive even in the 40" range and LCDs weren't even an option.
So now that I've got a 360-S with HDMI, I'm wondering if I should bother reworking my connections.  Before I got the HDMI capable receiver, I did pick up an HDMI switcher box, so I could in theory pick up a few more cables and put the splitter between the PS3 & 360.  But is that really going to buy me anything given my TV? 

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I'm actually kind of interested in maybe getting one because I've got an old pre-HDMI one knocking around and wouldn't mind relinquishing that as a spare room 360.

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(sorta necrobump)
The past week I've been going to Del Taco with the explicit intent of getting a few codes for the Cosmic Crustaceans.  EDIT: However, they are now all gone.
BTW, the reason I'm not PMing the previous "hey, can I get a code" posts here is mainly because I'm not sure if they may have gotten their codes another way. 
edit:  Damn, codes went fast.  Maybe I'll subject my digestive system to some more later.

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I can probably help some, but to be honest, I want to get my own shuttle to work again.  I was able to get it to work on my first character while I was waiting for my liberated borg to unlock but me (and several others) can't seem to get it to work now.
Keep in mind, I don't want to become the SNL's hookup for shuttlecraft pets but should I make a run to Del Taco, I'll try to hook someone up w/ a code.