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Pulled a "Shawn White" as my first support, so I QUICKLY gave him the flat top, orange/red hair, and red armor.

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I'll admit I've got some interest probably in a bad way to check this out considering the E3 "preview coverage" the last two years. Plus, in the preview PR lady's defense, they already foreshadowed how Dr. Watson behaves around Sherlock w/ a previous game

Dr. Watson is creepier than Slender Man

(I was a little sad to see it was actually just the 3rd game so I couldn't claim it happened in SHIV and also that this isn't the game you get for per-purchasing it on steam)

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So SDCC is days away and there will be plenty of Street Passing going on. So of course, it leaves the question of what type of Dark Note would be best for me to be Street Passing?

I have managed to clear two No 99 Dark Notes and on the path I've got several in the 70+ range. It looks to me that the Movement # that is the unique identifier because I have ended up with two No 6 notes after clearing a No 99 and the No is mainly a sign of the difficulty and I guess potential rewards. And since they've all kind of blurred together for me, I'm not really attached to the content of the Dark Notes.

So what should I be picking? Should I be using my highest level missions to maximize the movement levels for others? (I figure I'll use a different Dark Note each day) But on the other hand, I HATE the new wrinkle the No 91+ Dark Notes introduce (rotating swipes) and I'm almost tempted to keep mine in the 80+ range.

Then again, I'm also going to be passing with people who probably aren't ready for the top level Dark Notes. I remember at one of the PAX Primes enjoying getting all those "awesome" maps in Dragon Quest 9, but since I was still working through the main quest, I was no where NEAR able to enjoy any of them. That is making me wonder if I should maybe pick from my 50's or even my 30's. So, what should I be picking?

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@gouldgonewild said:

@StarvingGamer: I think the number next to the dark note indicates a recommended level for that dark note. They get pretty challenging as they go on. I am not sure yet which is harder...there is some music you only hear in the Chaos Shrine, though which is pretty cool.

Close, but from the dark notes I've unlocked, it looks like the "No. #" you get from the new Dark Note you unlock is based around the level of your leader character. That is until you get to 99. When you defeat a No. 99 Dark Note, you get a low level No. so it looks like you can run more with a new party.

But yeah, the higher the No. #, the harder the Dark Note and I think the greater the rewards. Also, No. 91-99 has a SERIOUSLY F-ed up thing it adds.

No. 91-99 Dark Notes convert some of the swipe notes into rotating swipe notes. They do end up in the same angle that they would be in the regular song, but if you don't remember and you've got a series of swipes at different angles coming in, it can mess you up.

And the "No. #" value isn't unique since when I cleared my No. 99, I got a No. 6 which is the same level as my 2nd Dark Note. Its the Movement # that is the unique ID for the FMS/BMS paring.

As far as scoring tips, you get at 2,000,000 point Stoic bonus if you unequip ALL skills and items from your team. You don't get any of the event moments (Chocobo, summon, or extension), but the score bump means you only need to get at least 5,000,000 points before the Stoic Bonus, you'll have the 7,000,000 for an S rank. Also, there is SS rank for 9,000,000+ scores and a SSS rank for 9,999,999 if you can get an all critical perfect chain with Stoic Bonus.

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Great, now I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head.

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The PSP version had some TOUGH AS HELL levels for some of the challenge titles and opening up some of the branching paths. Especially the very last game mode (which I did finish) I don't know if I could put myself through that all again.

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I had some fond memories of Carmageddon 1.  Never played any of the sequels, but for some reason running over civilians for points felt good back then even before GTA was a thing.  In fact, first time playing GTA3 at a friends house, I basically went into "Carmageddon Mode" in just driving on the sidewalks.

The real question is what direction are they going to go with their "relationship" with Death Race 2000.  I recall the first game having some cars that looked similar to those in the original movie (I think it even started based on the movie) but then kind of had to move a bit away from that look.

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@ErrorOperator: Not sure if it was the way when that update first hit, but now that the Potato Sack/GLaDOS@Home thing is going, if you go to the Audiosurf Radio tab, there are two tracks from Valve (TEST and Reconstructing Science) that not only feature music remixed from Portal 2, but also run a "Portal Mode" version of Pointman.  Those tracks seem to ALWAYS play Portal Mode even if you select a different mode like Mono, but it does still take the difficulty you selected.   Reconstructing Science is also playable in regular modes too.

So the Portal mode mainly tweaks the visuals of Pointman.  The arches you fly through are in the visual style of portal ovals and instead of a ship, you basically see a portal gun as if your Chel in first person riding on the board (you can also see the tip of the board under the gun).  The colored blocks only show up as orange & blue (because duh) and there are also companion cubes that appear on the field that act like white blocks.  The cubes don't match but if you let them reach the bottom, you get 2000 points.  And like normal Pointman, you can pick up blocks and drop them where you wish.
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Less of a "collection" and more of "here's a few games that were on the Dreamcast".  Then again, "collection" is easier to fit on a box than what I said.

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I'm pretty sure from the way Brad was talking on the podcast that he had the cash on his character but didn't realize that he passed the last chance to move the money from his personal account into the kingdom's account before it's too late.  I was replaying for the undieing achievement (I had stupid deaths on my first play through when I was trying to power up weapons) and while I was intentionally evil, I was paying strict attention to the fact that when you have 120 days left, you really only have one window to transfer the funds and can't do it on the "hey, tomorrow is when we celebrate you're 1st year as king" day.
I was also shocked that doing pure evil choices as King, you still only get about half the money you would need to save the kingdom.