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@Carryboy: The way Cryptic does character name stuff, your unique name is actually <character name>@<cryptic account name>.  That way you can end up with say an entire fleet who all named their captain "Shepard" and not get "Character Name is unavailable" since its just the account name that is restricted from duplication.
And as a general "hey, I'm one of the Space Neon Lobsters" post, I'm in there as Maximillian@WulfBane023.  Full name "Transistorized Maximillian, the Hobo Cyborg" of the USS Candy Mountain.  Prior to my liberation from the borg into hoboism, I was number 487 of 700 (of which there are actually 800).   I will warn you that me and my crew of hobos are really just biding our time before we detect the symbol informing us it is time to rise up and take over the United States government (or perhaps simply retire to Uranus). 

Transistorized Maximillian, the Hobo Cyborg signing off.
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That was an awesome ending to the beta.  Can't wait for the Lobsters to reform next week.

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Lt. Henry Hatsworth of the USS Puzzle Adventure (Hatsworth@WulfBane023) would quite enjoy joining the pompous adventuring club that is the Space Neon Lobsters.

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Wait a sec Amazon.  So the Nintendo 2000-Point Card they have has a list price of $24.99?  Thank goodness they have it on sale for $19.96 to save you $5.03 from their price (as opposed to the $0.04 it would be if you bought the points directly from the Wii or DSi)

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To quote Twisted Sister: 


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I will say that at the time the bet was made, I will agree that it seemed quite plausible that he wouldn't have the signature goggles.  Maybe next time Ryan.

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A guildy got it.  The Sunday night after everything was done, we went out and he felt bad enough to head back a bit early.   So far I think I've dodged it to the point that a flight by the same airline, same destination, same day is listed as a confirmed flight, but it wasn't my flight.

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@emkeighcameron said:
" Why are the graphics in The Monk's Cinematic Debut so terrible? It looked like it was rendered using the WOW engine or something similar. Diablo 2 had better looking cutscenes than that.  I guess maybe it was the actual game engine which was used during the cutscenes? I still think they could have done way better with real CGI work like in Diablo 2. "
They did the same thing for the Wizard reveal trailer last year.  Basically it is much faster for them to just pull D3 engine the camera down to get a quicker turn around using the in game models than the lead time required for a hand done cinimatic.  I'm sure the final game will have custom CG cut sequences made for it, just not so much for little pre-release trailers for the various class announcements that include showing off flashy abilities.
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Demo should let you play solo, but you'll likely have 3 AI bots there with you given the structure of the game and what they said about it at SDCC.  IIRC, you can disable the # of AI for a greater challenge though at least in the full game.  They were obviously having the hands-on demo on the floor of SDCC have all 4 slots played by people vs the salamander ackrid.

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It looks like it can be interesting, but man, that guy's voice is dull.