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@sterling: OMG I love One Must Fall. I played it on my brother's computer all the time. Unfortunately I think he only had the demo.

The game that's coming to my mind is Raptor: Call of the Shadows. I think this was a pretty popular game, but I feel like no one talks about it.

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Ace Attorney and/or Ghost Trick. Both games have some of the best story, characters, and plot twists in all of video games.

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Awesome! I'm down.

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The Uncharted theme is really good.

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If Crusader Kings II is still available, I would like that one!

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So I'm thinking of buying a new laptop, but I've heard so many horror stories about Windows 8 that I'm hesitant to go through with the purchase. I know Windows 8.1 improved some things, but I was just curious to see the state of Windows 8 and the overall opinion of those who have it. I'm currently using Windows 7 right now and I think it's great.

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Wait a minute, Justin Calvert and Ryan Mac were laid off too? That's insane. They were basically the cornerstones of GameSpot since the beginning of time. Shit, from the way people were talking I thought only Carolyn and Tom McShea were laid off.

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The "heads" of the coin just says 100 won in Korean. The word on the left side of the face is "Bek" or hundred, and the word on the right side says "won."

The "tails" side of the coin translates to "Korean Bank." (Han Gook Eun Heng)

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I know this is ridiculously late, but I managed to finally write descriptions of all the games I've beaten in 2012 and 2013. I usually do those at the end of each corresponding year but.... Better late than never right?

2012 list

2013 list

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Thanks guys for all the variety of responses. Really interesting to see how the game holds up for everyone else.

For me, the story and the atmosphere aren't engaging enough to counter act the jankiness of the gameplay. Maybe it's because I haven't finished the game yet (I eventually will) but I don't think the story/characters are as "artistic" as people have said. I'm not seeing any sort of relationship between the boy and the girl when all the boy is doing is basically finding blocks for the girl to climb on. I feel like their relationship isn't changing in any meaningful way. Maybe it's just too abstract and "artsy" for my simple brain to understand.

The environments are pretty bland too. There's a lot of brown and gray, and you're basically going around in the same huge building. There's no variety in the level design.

And comparing it to Jak and Ratchet was probably a little bit unfair. The comparison to Brothers and Journey is more apt, but I absolutely love those games because they nailed both the atmosphere and the gameplay. Then again, it's probably more unfair to compare Ico to Brothers/Journey.

And to @monkeyking1969, I understand that the game is trying to convey that the boy is clumsy and awkward, but don't translate that into clumsy and awkward gameplay. Show it through some other means. That only frustrates the player and takes the player out of the game. It doesn't make me say, "I feel the boy's awkwardness and struggle," it makes me say, "Why does this game have bad controls?"