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Nice list but question: Why do you get such crappy games for your birthday/Christmas? It seems to me most of your backlogged games are from last month or even this month... I'd never buy a game for someone if I didn't know what s/he liked or whatever, but at least make it current! Lost Planet? Really?

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I do hope they'll do a CODcast, though hopefully in a week or so after I finished the Single Player... But I doubt the SP is so engrossing that it would warrant a separate podcast about it, I mean, it's no MGS. But yeah, I usually listen to the bombcast quite passively anyways but I really do love some of the guests they have on sometimes, like John Vignocchi!

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Do I have to post my blogs in a forum each time? Or is it just this once? Hrm...

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Alright, so I'm going to start throwing my thoughts out on the internet... But right now I'm using this as procrastination for my essay. Anyways, anyone who listens to the Bombcast and The HotSpot and thinks that the Bombcast is nicer because of their more open opinion and friendliness to each other, you guys should check out THE BEST DAMN PODCAST EVER. www.bighotsho.com, this podcast is by far one of the greatest podcasts made by man, next to Ricky Gervais' podcasts with Pilkington. It is essentially a consumer's view on things, not someone in the market, or in the press, but a consumer. So you'll be getting raw, unadulterated opinions which I believe are very nice to have once in a while. Have a listen!

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Melee each other. "You'll see a <User Name> demands satisfaction from you!" or "You demand satisfaction from <User Name>" after you get melee'd or melee someone, respectively.

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Uncharted 2  
Arkham Asylum    
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Beatles: Rock Band 
[Probably] Modern Warfare 2 
Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time

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Wow, this is great. Thanks for making me sleep a few hours later tonight! :D

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Vanquisher.  Going ranger skill tree -- are the melee/trap trees any good? I only put a point or two in the armor in the melee tree. Currently about level 15-20 trying to max out my crit and my xp gain. I only have Ricochet as my one active spell. >< My doggie is awesome though. Do you guys feel like getting gems/spells are a bit annoying and tedious? In Diablo 2 you'd get an item that would have like 2 sockets and it'd be a really good item, but now almost every item I have has a socket in them but I only have shitty ass gems! Do you get better gems as you go on or do you just stay at cracked/dull/discolored drops and have to transmute them?  

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What are your opinions on playing this game solo? Or rather, I'll tell you my situation. I really love the art style and this type of genre of a game. I wanted to love Hellgate: London. But the same thing applies here, is it fun playing it alone? If I get this on the PC or PS3, without anyone else, would it be fun? And another thing; PS3 or PC? With the PS3 I'd have the opportunity to play 2-player split co-op, right? But with PC, I get the more familiar mouse controls... Hmm, thoughts?