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Wunder_ - EU, UK!

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I'm going to play Hearthstone for 24 hours

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@dylanfill: Can I ask what everyone was there for if not for Jeff? I'm just curious because I thought the event was a talk with a few people, with Jeff being one of the headliners, but I suppose I have very little knowledge of the actual event surrounding the Q&A. Was it open to the public? What else was going on besides the interview and questions?

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Congrats Arcanist and sixghost, well played!

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@cheappoison: No probs. Also GB isn't sending me notifications even though you're @ replying me. Weird.

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@ratfoot: @akd: @sixghost: @haroldonvu: @finlayheslop: @eagle6002: @wunder_: Not too be a bother but just putting up a reminder that if you have time where your team can play, please put them up in the googledoc you guys. Would make scheduling easier for all parties involved.

Blackmoore/Do_The_Manta_Ray will not be present during the week starting tomorrow(should be back Friday). Seeing i can't edit the thread the schedule can be found here. (to be updates as soon as more games are played. With Mongolian Death Worm vs JUST GOTTA BELIEVE coming up on the weekend, and with any luck The Brad Shoemakers vs /d2g/ Ocelots and Me He vs the winner of tonights match of That's Million Pucks vs Stupid Fat Hobbits.

As well as the Lower Bracket, which will hopefully see its second game over the weekend of scheduling allows. So look out for that.

I have been. I put down a large range of time during the weekend (Like I was asked to) and nothing came of it. I've put down times from Thursday-Sunday where our team should be able to make it. Give me a heads up a day or two before and I'll confirm.

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How many teams in total is that for the low level bracket? 5?

edit: just saw the updated OP, so it brings us to 4? Hope we get one or two more from the team creation thread.

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@do_the_manta_ray: Sorry to dump more stress/complications on you guys, but have you figured out a way to decide on the server, should two teams reach an impasse? What happens when an EU team refuses to play on East/West and a US West (or East) team refuses to play EU?

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Hope you guys are checking back often! There are quite a few people in high/low that could probably make up a team or two if someone organizes it. Gogo~