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@jeffgoldblum: I don't really get your point. The plot of the movie is about the first two Warcraft games, you know, the RTS games. Calling it the WoW movie, when it is not, only adds unnecessary cynicism. To expand on to your example, it would be like calling the Empire Strikes Back, the "KOTOR movie." Sure they both take place in the same universe, and both are Star Wars, but they are very different things. I hope they can pull it off, but I'm always skeptical of video game movies.

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Its been said but I'll just say it again. The movie is not a World of Warcraft movie. The story takes place around the time of Orcs vs Humans and Tides of Darkness, about 30-40 years before WoW starts. This setting could make an interesting movie, I think. Orcs are rolling all over the Eastern Kingdoms, and the first "Alliance" is formed between the Humans, High Elves, and Dwarves and proceeded to kick some Orc butt.