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"Roo CRAN'T SREE MEEE" - Scooby Doo

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I'm still early on (in Forest of Fallen Giants), but I either came across an amazing coincidence or discovered a shortcut to the Cardinal Tower. It's going to be difficult for me to describe, but I'll try:

From the Cardinal Tower bonfire, I went down the ladder, through the fog gate in the room on the right, ran up the tree, fought the hollowed with their backs turned and took out the hollow that throws the fire bombs from above (where that Knight fight is when you climb the ladder). Anyways, in that corner before you go down the ladder to see Pate, I used an estus flask. After I used the flask the corner wall shatters to reveal the room where the Cardinal Tower bonfire is.

Has anyone else opened this shortcut or found out why it may have opened? I'm not sold that what I did was the only reason it opened up.

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Great post! As a clinical psychologist in training, I appreciate stories that can relate psychological well-being with video games. An important thing to remember is that a diagnosis is not what defines your life, it is the support you can receive to improve your personal level of overall functioning.

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GT: Wyld Stallyns

Timezone: MST

Games: Dead Rising 3, Madden 25, Battlefield 4, and Killer Instinct

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Xbone, because titanfall is around the corner. Really enjoying DR3 and BF4 now.

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I look to the community for help.

I have a copy of Battlefield 4 for the 360 that I purchased at Gamestop. I have my Xbone preordered and paid off, and looked forward to trading that bad boy in to upgrade to Battlefield 4 for $9.99 on the One tonight. In preparation for tonight, I went to the rewards site to grab the active offer to do the upgrade. Turns out, I never got the EBC coupon code for Battlefield that I purchased. On top that, assuming I would automatically get that EBC code, I didn't keep the receipt. I called Gamestop corporate, and they essentially said, "Too bad, so sad. The employee must not have swiped your rewards card or the code didn't go through. We aren't honoring that purchase or giving you a code." So, I come to you all with two questions (well one question, one pathetic plea) 1) Has anyone else had this problem of purchasing BF4 at Gamestop and not getting your upgrade code, and 2) Would any of you lovely folks be kind enough to grant me their upgrade EBC code from the rewards site if anyone you are not planning on upgrading by 12/31/13, I would be eternally grateful! Either way, it's all good, but I'd mostly like to know if anyone has had this problem and if they have had it resolved.

Thank you kind folks, and have a happy launch!

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I've got a code for DR3, then picking up BF4 and Madden

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I'm a little bummed that my console version of BF4 isn't broken. I honestly have no complaints with my 360 version and am looking forward to the xbone version this week. I don't understand the uproar and the only trouble for me is the battlefield series isn't as easy as cod (difficulty isn't taking away my enjoyment though).

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As an instructor of a college course, I always tell students that you pay for the classes, go ahead and skip if you want. I would rather have a student who is willing to participate than a sleeping/drooling chair occupier. Just don't expect me to sympathize for the student I notice not attending.