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How this thread works:   

  1. You leave a question.
  2. I add it to the front page so it gets more views.
  3. Clever people answer your question.
  4. You reply to these pending answers.
  5. If the correct answer is given the user who got it correct will get points on the leaderboard and I will archive your question.  

When asking a question:

  1. If you have a question leave it in the comment box at the bottom of the main thread.  
  2. Try and be as descriptive as you can as this will help your chances of getting the answer.
  3. When you get the correct name start a new comment. Either Reply to X19 or press H2 (top left of your format bar) and then write "Question Complete"so when I scan the thread I can easily see it. If you give me no information I can't update the table and this may result in users still answering your question when you have already got the answer.
  4. QUOTE the correct users comment which should include the game name. If multiple users get the question right QUOTE the very first person to answer correctly  
  5. Don't forget to say thank you :)
  6. If you manage to answer your own question Reply to X19 with the game name and it will be marked as 'Resolved'
 A few tips I found to help you describe the game
  1.  A guess of what year the game could have come out on (it's not useful to say "when I was a kid" if we don't know how old you are)
  2.  A guess of what platform the game is on (even if you don't remember what console, at least say it wasn't on PC, and guess the generation)
  3.  What genre the game is in (again, even if you don't know exactly, you can probably rule some out or be broad like "action")
  4.  If you or others or general public thought the game was any good, how good/bad/colorful were the graphics, music, etc
  5.  Who the intended audience of the game is (kids, casual gamers, movie franchise fans, etc)  

When answering a question:

  1. To help limit confusion, please remember to press REPLY  when answering a users question.  
  2. If you have the giantbomb link for the game you think it might be, add that too so the community can have a look at these rare gems and maybe help fill the unloved pages out. 
  3. If you want to add pictures, videos or websites of the game you think it is go ahead.
  4. The first person to get the correct answer in THIS thread will have their name put into the table, 100 points added to their leaderboard score and most importantly enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they helped a fellow Giantbomber in their time of need.       
Game Finder 

1st Draft of Laggers

I saw this youtube video a while ago and thought I would write something to it. If anyone knows a free program for syncing audio files to video files please let me know.

 Here is the track it hasn't been mixed very well yet and still needs some work doing to it. 
The 2nd draft will be synced to the video above and hopefully you will get a better idea of what is going on. 
As always any feedback would be great.

Game music which has inspired me.

Music is very important to me when I play games. One of my dreams is to be as good as these composers and write music for games some day. 
Harry Gregson Williams I don't know how you do it:  

The production on the Wipeout HD soundtracks are incredible and fit with the game perfectly:
I get major Nostalgia and shivers down my spine when I listen to the Final Fantasy soundtracks. Nobuo Uematsu is the master at creating beautiful melodies that will never leave you. There are so many good examples I just had to pick one at random:   
Ok I can't just pick one. The orchestration in this is awesome and I love the blatant steal from Beauty and the Beast at 0:48:
 Mario Kart and CTR have nothing on Speed Freaks it will always be my favourite kart racer. The music was so happy and full of life, it just makes me smile: 

 SSX3 is the only snowboarding game you need to play. EA is so good at putting playlists together for their games: 
The Medal of Honor Franchise has some very memorable classical music. I will never forget this haunting piece of music from Allied Assault on the first section of The Day of the Tiger:
I'm bored of modern FPS bring back Timesplitters:
This track is so simple but very effective. 
That's all for now.    

Getting into composing music for games

This is something I have only thought seriously about fairly recently. After watching Hamst3r's Giantbomb Community Song I was inspired to get back into composing which I haven't done since uni. I have mainly rewritten music for section of films such as the matrix and Kung Fu Panda which I might add to this blog at some point. The first step is to build a portfolio of music this time for games so I can use it to show indie developers what kind of things I can do. Also I need alot of practice so having this goal will keep me going I think. My mate knows some Indie developers which live around where I live so after I have got some music together I will use that link as my next step. 
My first project is the Mirrors Edge Trailer. I loved playing the game and listening to the ambient soundtrack so I intend to try and recreate that kind of sound and feel the composer gives to the game. I currently have written the underlining rhythm, airy drone sounds for the section before the fight and today i'm going to add some repeating patterns to give it more of a pulse.
Here is the original: 

The second is one of Joehands0me videos of BFBC2. I love the way he edits his videos and puts them together with a soundtrack. I chose this particular one because its short and I need practice syncing lots of musical hit points(gunfire,explosions etc) to video. Once i'm happy with this project I might move on to one of his longer COD videos which I suggest you check out.  
Here is the original:
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