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@DuskVamp: We're planning for a week. It's difficult as I'm sure you know, to get a time when we're both free. We both know that we can't really go any further until we meet face to face.

Looking forward to part 2.

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Many a new question.

We had an issue where the guide got wiped. All the questions are back now but any potential answers in the reply boxes sadly couldn't be retrieved.

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@DuskVamp: I had a massive smile on my face reading this.

I'm really happy for you both and congratz on keeping the long distance relationship going for over a year :D

Currently I'm in the same situation so it helps to read stories like this. Thanks Dusk for being so open and writing a blog about all the things you got up to on your trip.

Hopefully my girl will be coming over for a visit in January :)

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So many new questions.

Come on GB have a look at the guide because you might know the answer.

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Another new question. Busy today I like it :D

A lot of PC games unanswered if bombers want to take a look.

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Man it's been to long but I finally started a new project this month.

Check out my youtube channel.

A few game related tracks and some ambient tracks too. My biggest problem is mixing so that's what I'm working at the moment.

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New question. I wish this thread was stickied somewhere on the forums -_-

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I have played all the Final Fantasy games from 7 onwards. Final Fantasy 7 blew my mind and I have never played any RPG since that has given such an amazing experience. For me playing 7, something clicked and I can't put my finger on it. The rest of the series past 7 has been a disappointment to me.

Spoony did a funny review of FF8


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Will Smith for sure.