The Giant Bomb Endurance Run Index

This list contains a link to every official and unofficial video of Endurance Run goodness on the site.

Best viewed using Safari or Chrome as the pictures stay in their boxes.

If I have missed any Giant Bomb videos that would fit well in this list, please don't hesitate to mention them in the comment section below :)

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Posted by JJWeatherman

I like the creative use of the list feature!

Posted by X19
@JJWeatherman: How do you get your list on the front list page is it by how many votes you have?
Posted by JJWeatherman
@X19 said:
" @JJWeatherman: How do you get your list on the front list page is it by how many votes you have? "
Yeah, it's some kinda mix of total votes, and the ratio of likes to dislikes.
Posted by ChrisTaran

Thanks for your hard work in putting this awesome compilation together!

Posted by Butler

Awesome job man. Although isn't it "Set Phasers to Fun Edition" not Stun? That's just me being ocd, but otherwise this is awesome. Thank you.

Posted by X19
@Butler: Will change it now. Any others weird things like that let me know :)
Posted by Little_Socrates

Love you for this, I've been trying to watch Persona 4 and it's been a real bummer the way they've got the theater listing it.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Slick! I love the inclusion of the unofficial ones. I'm bad! 

Posted by Sarumarine

You'll have to fit Phantasmagoria in there somehow. I'm not sure how that falls, considering it was a subscriber video. But Dave and Vinny did play the whole thing from start to finish in roughly five hours. Crazy.

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@Sarumarine: Cool will just add a link to the subscriber videos. I could easily put a free version up but that would probably get me into trouble if non subscribers saw it on mass.
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@Sarumarine: Have you got a link because I can't find it anywhere on the site?
Posted by Sarumarine

@X19: Well, they haven't posted it yet since they only did it recently. I apologize about that. I was thinking a little too far ahead. It'll probably be in two parts I imagine since it was nearly five hours long.

Posted by X19
@Sarumarine: Alright will add it when they put it up. I don't really follow this site as hardcore as I used to so I'm out of the loop, especially with subscriber stuff.
Posted by ChrisTobin

You should add the Dragon's Lair quick look, they beat the entire game.

Posted by X19

@ChrisTobin: Thanks man I would of missed it because I don't watch many quick looks. Will add it soon.

Posted by X19

@ChrisTobin: Sorry bud I removed the Dragon's Lair QL from the list because they didn't actually play it. They just watched a movie version of it. I got to have some rules for this thread XD

Posted by Slurpelve

Was it a three part thing where they was playing MAG?

Posted by X19

@BadSniper52: Can't remember how long it was. They didn't really complete anything so I don't think it belongs on the list.

Posted by ildon

Thanks for this list.

Posted by FTomato

@X19: Maybe add the Halo marathon?

Posted by X19

@FTomato: Good call.

I've just added it :)

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Welp, this is ruined by the new layout D: Sadly

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This list is like looking into the Matrix.

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