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@jakob187: Yeap,MMo`s are places where I`ve noticed this thing happening the most. Are people really that abysmal especially gents when it comes to acting as primates. Not having any social responsibility and knowing that you are basically anonymous lets them act freely. That is the reason why I sometimes wish internet was personalized space. All youngsters those are spending most of their lifes in front of computer, without any kind of responsibility is going to become and,in fact, is becoming more and more barbarous. It is a serious matter.

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@Anwar said:

What the hell does 'cawt' mean?

@x7eleven: you might want to check this video out.

I find it interesting.

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Thats interesting. Even though I dont agree with some of the points,but completely agree with the part about feminism. Still interesting. Thanks.

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@Grimhild: I was referring directly to feminist movement. It was initiated by active part of community, but it affected whole population of women. Principle is the same here: more active,initiative people define social norms.

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@Grimhild: In the end not everyone matters. Sad,but true.

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@l4wd0g said:

Maybe instead of referring to them as 'gamer girls' we should just call them 'gamers'?

Although, with the amount of sexual harassment they receive, they might want their own place to go.

Exactly. I don't think that was segregated to keep the girls from mixing in with the boys, but because most women probably don't want to subjugate themselves to the traditional pricks (i.e.: your definition of "loyal" fans) and the harassment they deal in.

They are not going to be herrased in official event by somewhat known people.

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@Dagbiker: That is very ironic, since feminists were fighting for equality and when they finally achieved their goals or comes close to getting it , women expect to be treated specially. Cynial, very cynical.

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@Demoskinos: Well, the very defination of "rare" might differ, but it is definitely rare based on my experience. Even if we accept your truth and say that it isnt, that would make matter even worse.

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I did now touch morale dimension, just gender. Of course,if we want to get more deeper into this stuff we should create some basic principles those would help to part more specific groupsbut lets leave how it is.

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@Funkydupe: Thats a whole different story, but Im talking in general,public games.

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In general, girls and games are pretty rare combination.This particular population is increasing,which is a good thing but girls tend to get much more attention than they deserve. Should I care with whom Im playing: male or female - i want to shoot their face equally. This thing grabbed my attention long time ago however I did not want to write about it since I have better things to do with my life,but now I dont.

Yesterday I was watching team fortress 2 "celebrity" showmatch. Idea is simple: get known people to play team fortress, known people from all sort of different sections: starting from Valve developers to famous youtubers. Guess what ? They had special place for gamer girls thus making "gamer girls" special sector of population, making it more priviliged. By making that move, organaiser showed disrespect to loyal fans, male gamers. In principle,girls can not be loyal. I felt inferior. No,I`m just kidding... but I think everyone should be equal. Apparently,they dont think the same way.

Long time ago,when life was not a huge torture,but a journey in hopes of conquering Lineage 2 world I have noticed that manhood showed special attention to people who pretented to be or for real were girls. Either way there is no way they could have known. Helping do quests,giving items etc. Really ? But why ? It is not like you gonna get her to sleep with you. Why bother? Are you that desperate or primitive ? Virtual attention of virtual girl ( who knows who is behind the screen) gonna make your self esteem grow ? Is it going to help to "break ice" in socialisation with opposite gender?

No matter who you are : Megan Fox,Michael Sheen, Lady Gaga in game you are just virtual unit to me. Middle finger in the air if you dont care who are you playing with.