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Whew.  Glad to see Persona 3 Portable represent about halfway up on this list, I was afraid I was alone/crazy for putting it as my GOTY.

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Game runs fantastic on my system.  I'm playing it with a 360 controller, and despite people's complaints about a lack of visual tweaking options I think it looks incredible, and rarely drops below 60 frames per second.  I'm having a great time with the PC port so far, not having played the console version.

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Here is an interview from Uber with PC Gamer talking about how they feel about Steam, the PC platform, and their history as developers.  I actually had no idea their pasts were that illustrious, and the interview makes me genuinely excited to see what they have in store now.
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http://store.steampowered.com/app/63200/  Save 10% and get Beta Access
Store page promises dedicated servers, a level editor, and a Beta for pre-purchasers.  Sounds fantastic, I've been wanting to play this title for a while now, but lacking a 360 has done me no good.   Greatly looking forward to it now, however.
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Distinctive Software

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It's a great game and easily worth more than the sale price.  Hacking takes some getting used to but I had no major issues with the PC version.
SEGA also released a patch to remove Uniloc found here.

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Ok, let me see if I can explain it in the simplest way I can.  Be wary of spoilers to everyone else.
For starters, let me say that this mission is dumb.  It feels like a "throwback" to more of the gimmick fights that plagued VC1 (as fantastic of a game as it was, it was *loaded* to the gills with these fights) and to this point I felt it was behind SEGA to implement a fight like this.  It's not difficult once you know the "gimmick," but ugh it feels so awful.  Ok, here is your itinerary followed by exactly what I did:

The Squad

(This is all going on the assumption that all of your squad's weapon and armor are fully upgraded at this time.  I had all my classes at level 15 for this except with Troopers at 20), but I imagine it doesn't matter too much)

Avan - You will be required to deploy Avan, and you will not be able to select his position.  I suggest he be something durable but self-defensive like a Shocktrooper (a Fencer, can also work, more on this later).
Lavinia - Obviously she needs to be here as she is your tank commander; I recommend  assigning her as a leader even since she will always be on the battlefield and the extra CP will be useful.  My setup:
  • Medium Tank A
  • Standard Turret
  • -
  • Front Armor +
  • Spare Parts +
  • Urban Camouflage
  • BLiTZ sticker (more valuable than you think, I suggest entering the unlock PW to get it)
All parts are assumed to be fully upgraded; if they are not, get on that and remember your tank is your lifeline.  The Front Armor and Spare parts aren't required persey, but I suggest keeping them there anyway.
Lancers (2) - You will need two lancers.  I used Lancer Veterans, but I imagine regular Lancers could work provided you know specifically what to do with them (which I will detail later).  They do not need to be deployed right away, but do have them in reserve, and one or two extra in case they go down is playing it safe but not necessary.
Fencer - You will need a Fencer, period; there is no way around this sadly.  I've muddled over this fight for a while now and thought out many of the tactics, and after completing it I imagine it possible to be done without one but incredibly difficult and would allow for zero margin of error.   2 Fencers is ideal for this fight,  but 1 Fencer and 1 Armor Tech will work (2 Armor Techs will not, I'm afraid).


 Map 1 (M1) - This is your primary base camp; it is in the little city square-like area with the two enemy Control Points flanking a bridge with two snipers on it.  Deploy Lavinia here and only Lavinia at the designated Vehicle Spawn.
Map 2 (M2) - This is your secondary base camp; it is on the public grass area, with the two enemy Control Points flanking the top and bottom of the map.  Deploy your Fencer and Armor tech (or two Fencers) in the front, and a Shocktrooper or Gunner behind them.
Map 3 (M3) - This is the ruined track field.  Avan deploys alone here and can not be supported.  There are two enemy base camps flanking the ruined gymnasium, and Dirk is positioned at the left camp.

Combat Mode

Oh wow, this looks rough doesn't it?  It's easier than it seems, but it won't be an enjoyable experience I'm afraid and in the first few turns you can not afford to make mistakes.  Here is what you need to know.
  • The V2s on M1 and M2 are all spawned as weakened, the V2s (and Dirk) on M3 are fortified by a VHC above the right side camp.
  • Starting at Turn 4 or so, a supply VHC will periodically spawn on M1 or M2; at the upper camp on M2 and the left camp on M1.  They will strengthen the V2s present and will need to be eliminated, however they will only spawn at the very end of an enemy turn which is a very nice breath of fresh air given the stress of this fight.
  • If you just want to survive this fight, don't even attempt to do anything with M3; taking out Dirk is a massive venture and he can one-shot Lavinia no matter how well fortified she is.
  • V2s can (and will) be frequently called as reinforcements at M1 and M2.
  • The enemy will frequently utilize 2 actions per unit with all the units besides the Shocktroopers guarding the Control Points (who will remain idle generally unless you get too close).
  • Do NOT ATTACK V2s until they have finished their "warm up" animation for when they are about to launch interception fire.  You can (and will) miss them if you try to attack immediately after hitting Square, so just let them lower their shields after doing so and get to their "hunchback" stance.
Ok; sorry I don't have a turn by turn playthrough but this is basically what you want to do.

Part 1

M3 -  Your first turn should be to get Avan into the gymnasium on M3 as quickly as possible and out of harm's way, there is absolutely nothing he can do at this time; heal when he gets there but do NOT attempt to engage any enemies, either on the other side or on the walkways above the gymnasium itself.  You don't need to recall him yet so just leave him there in safety for the extra CP for now.  Dirk does an enormous amount of damage with his intercept fire, so just beeline straight in.
M1 - A single V2 sits right in front of you.  Roll Lavinia close to him, one-shot him in the head, and then reverse right back onto the CP flag.  Make absolutely sure you are physically parked on top of it and not just at the edge (spin the camera around while you're backing up and make sure you see the "Standby" prompt.  Do not EVER have your turn end without her firmly parked on that flag.
M2 -  Ok, this is the tricky one at the start.  If you're good, you'll have two fully upgraded Fencers.  A Fencer Elite is even better but by this point that assumes you've done a fair bit of farming (or gotten lucky) with your credit drops.  I did not, so I had Isara as my regular fencer (she has some decent damage resist potentials).  Why Fencers, you ask?  Fencers' shields render them *immune* to the V2 attacks (though while running, they still can take some splash damage if caught by the side or god forbid their rear) and they can take out V2s in two hits (unfortunately even the strongest Sword at this point will reduce them just to ~30-50 hp with the first swing if you don't have a Fencer Elite, so if you have a Fencer with a Vs Personnel bonus use him/her).  Your Armor Techs will require four hits to take out even a weakened V2, which is why I suggest 1 Fencer 1 Tech or 2 Fencers.
Roll a Fencer up to the first V2 and take it out.  Walk south, and take out the V2 down here.  Make sure you end turns facing North if you are out in the open as there are two Snipers hidden in the grass in this area.  Your goal is to make it over to the southern CP and capture it, and leave said Fencer there for the time being.  Move your Armor Tech or alternate Fencer to the two boxes near the watch tower in front of you, and leave him or her with his or her back turned to them, facing your Control Point.
That probably took a whole turn,, and it is their turn unfortunately.  Here's what you can expect:
- The two other V2s in M1 will park themselves in a triangle formation around Lavinia and there is a Shocktrooper wandering around who will try to steal your CP which is why making sure Lavinia has her ass firmly on the CP flag at all times is essential.  More V2s will stream in from the right CP.  If they walk over and capture your upper left CP, just use the Fencer you parked back at M2 to cap it back as soon as their turn is over.
- M3 will basically be devoid of activity the entire fight if you're just looking for the survival method, so don't worry about it.
- M2 will have V2s spawning in constantly at both CPs so make sure the bottom (and only the bottom) one is capped as soon as possible.
- In M2, V2s will engage the Fencer/Tech I told you to position by the tower.  If it is a Fencer; as long as you faced them towards your home CP, the V2s can not touch them, period.  If it is an Armor Tech, each V2 attack will take off half of their respective health, so you will simply need to be prepared for this.  The Trooper/Gunner you have will be the only thing between the V2 and losing this fight, so you want that Tech alive.
You should have survived if you followed this mostly to the letter, so here is what comes next.

Part 2

M3 - Recall Avan.   We're done here.
M1 - Summon a Trooper at your upper left CP (take it back from M2 if one of the V2s or Troopers grabbed it) to take out the Trooper stationed there as well as the two Snipers on the bridge (you definitely don't want them hanging around when we get to later in the fight).  Roll Lavinia forward to take out another V2 (if you get a Bloodthirsty proc, take two out or the pesky trooper undoubtedly hanging around your PC), and back onto the flag.
M2 -  Recall your Trooper and drop Avan in for the extra CP.  Just make sure he's crouched behind a sandbag and facing the enemy.  If all went well, the southern half of the map should be entirely yours and empty, and your upper Tech/Fencer should be alive.  Roll said Tech/Fencer up to the grassy areas to kill the snipers who will undoubtedly have been harassing your trooper (your Tech should have been safe if you had his or her back to the boxes by the tower).  You don't need your southern Fencer anymore so recall them (for zero CP I would hope) and bring them to the middle camp; move them up to the previous Tech/Fencer's position and recall your other Tech/Fencer who is probably almost completely out of AP.
Now you should be setup just to stay alive.  Are you with me so far?  Now, this is what you need to do to live for the next 8 turns.

Part 3

M1 - Position a Lancer crouched by the sandbags at the CP.  The sole purpose of this Lancer will be to take out the VHCs that will inevitably spawn and buff the V2s on this section of the map.  If all went according to plan, the snipers will be dead and you'll just be dealing with V2s.  Your job here is to use Lavinia to intercept any V2s that may encroach upon this camp or your Lancer; again make sure you end every turn with her on the CP because the V2s will just waltz right around your tank and cap (although if they come from the front, her Gatling will stop them briefly).  Don't even worry about the eastern CP.
M2 - Position a lancer at the northern grass patch, but do not take the CP.  The sole purpose of this lancer will also be to take out the VHCs that will soon be spawning (they will be directly behind it, on the west).  V2s will stream out of the northern CP and engage your Fencer (if you were using a Fencer/Tech instead of FencerX2, recall the Tech and make sure you have a Fencer in this position).  They will not be able to harm your Fencer if you positioned him/her facing east (towards your CP, as I mentioned) but will try nonetheless.  Kill them as they come, but make sure your Lancer takes care of any VHCs that spawn first.  If you're feeling ballsy you can take the northern CP (Dirk will just grab it back immediately though).
And that's it.  If you follow this mostly as I've stated it, you should realize how easy and gimmicky this entire fight is.  Keep your 2 Lancers and Fencer alive, and keep Lavinia on your M1 CP, and that's it, mission complete.


If you complete it was prescribed you will be rewarded with a wonderful D-Rank.  If you want to A-Rank this fight, you're just insane.  Well ok; this is the one fight I haven't A-Ranked but I've hypothesized about how to do it.  2 Fencer Elites/Maulers will be mandatory for quickly removing the V2s from the picture in M1 and M2.  Your goal here will be to follow the first two sections I've listed, but instead of camping as I've described for the third section you will need to amass CP (by Turn 3 or 4 you should just be ending your turn with plenty of CP left over).  From there you will need to grab the eastern CP in M1 (NOT the northern in M2, yet), drop another Lancer in and take out that VHC (and I suggest getting them the hell out of there before they get killed).  This is where it gets tricky, because as an absolute precaution you will *need* to make your Fencer, Avan, and Lancer on M2 given that if Dirk takes the M3 western CP back, V2s will start pouring in again and grab your M2 CP for game over.  You can remove Avan and drop a Fencer in just to stay guard for one more person, just again make sure your Lancer stays hidden in the grass.  
Now, onto Dirk.  I'll be honest I haven't actually engaged the guy but here is what I'm thinking.  The M3 VHC is feeding him, so he will be a little weaker when its dead.   I do not know if Fencers are immune to his blasts (he uses a single concentrated shot as opposed to the burst fire, so I imagine not).  With enough amassed CP, take the northern M2 camp, drop Lavinia into the western M3 camp behind Dirk, and just dump all your CP points into her to attack.  I don't know if this will work, though.  If it does for someone, please let me know.  Well not me, but others who might want to try, I'm not gonna waste my time with this mission again.


Well that was a waste of time now wasn't it?  If you have any questions feel free to let me know or point others to my little guide here.  I hate that VC1 was loaded with fights like this, and I really thought SEGA had moved on with VC2 up until August, but alas.  Here's high hopes for better fights in VC3.
#8 Posted by Xabu (44 posts) -

This very second on the PC there are ~800 people online; I'd have to double check to see how they were distributed region-wide.  At 16 players max per server, I doubt you'd have too much difficulty finding a game unless you were playing at really off hours.  There are also many "Official" servers for the US and UK, though I'm not sure who is hosting them (Ubisoft maybe).
You cannot take down security guards with weapons, however most traps do kill them.  I have no idea what their respawn time is though, and generally if a security guard is on you I'd just run away and/or hide rather than try to kill them which is pretty lucky.

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The PC version is very active, spent about six hours on it today alone.  Can't speak for the console versions however.

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There's nothing fundamentally wrong with the PSPGo but Sony's lack of support for it has been pretty depressing.  The PSP in general should be doing so much better than it really is for what it is (an argument I don't feel like getting into), and the Go stands as a good example of this.  As a regular PSP user I would love to justify owning one to myself but I can't, and I certainly can't justify it for anyone else.
As for the price, still too much I'm afraid.  A God of War: Ghost of Sparta PSP-3000 bundle is $200, and used Slims are in the ~$100-$120 range.  I really wish I could defend the Go because I think its so fascinating, but I just can't do it.

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