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#1 Posted by Xabu (38 posts) -

I did not, but I did notice Akihiko of Persona 3 (Liam O'Brien) is the VA for literally half of the male NPCs you come across.  Hell, its probably more like 70%.

#2 Posted by Xabu (38 posts) -

Most of what you are complaining about is issues native to GameBryo as an engine and possibly out of Obsidian's hands completely.

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The iron sights are fantastic, great for shooting and aiming.  I only use VATS if I need breathing room or a little extra kick, which is pretty infrequently. 

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15 hours in on Hardcore, and if I do another playthrough I can't ever imagine going back to non-hardcore again.  While crippled limbs are a little obnoxious to deal with, it's just so fantastic and adds just a thin layer of planning and complexity, not actual difficulty.  Dumping off your extra ammo and guns always, cooking up food for yourself, and always carrying enough food and water to sustain yourself (although dehydration is the only one you really worry about at all, you should be eating food regularly enough where its never an issue).  Some encounters are a little tricky, but its all the more worthwhile.

#5 Posted by Xabu (38 posts) -

 Left 4 Dead - 381.6 hours  
 Insurgency - 339.2 hours 
 Counter-Strike: Source 135.1 hours 
 Borderlands - 104.7 hours 
Saints Row 2 - 75 hours
TF2 also has 538.1 hours, but I guess game time tracking wasn't enabled around its release.

#6 Posted by Xabu (38 posts) -

 The problem with the boss fights in Dead Rising 2 isn't their difficulty, it's that they put a complete halt to the game's own beloved style.  I mean yeah once you learn how to do them they're easy, but I feel it comes at a cost to the theme of the game itself.

Dead Rising 2 is loaded with sexual innuendos, comedic levels of bloody slapstick violence, hilariously inappropriate weaponry and outfits, and of course amusing ways of regenerating health in a pinch. But looking past all the silliness, maybe somewhat forgettable narrative, and repeated (but intriguing) cleavage shots, I realized that Dead Rising 2 really gets the notion of a "zombie world" correct. People have literally accepted zombies for what they are, and they for all intents and purposes omnipresent. They represent "pockets" of anarchy in society where they reside, and people fight for their own agenda. Their are the corporations profiteering heavily off them, the looters taking advantage of shop owners fleeing for their lives, the people who have lost their sanity amongst the chaos the zombies bring and can never be returned to reason, and the survivors who just refuse to accept what has happened and try their hardest to cope with it as much as they hate themselves for doing so.

One thing Dead Rising 2 does right over any other zombie game is that it prides itself on improvisation and adaptation, which is EXACTLY what one should be expecting to be paramount in a zombie scenario. You might laugh at Chuck tossing poker chips and footballs at zombies (and I do too), but this is really what you should be expecting. Anything goes and Dead Rising 2 prides itself on the fact that you need to do whatever it is necessary for survival and sustenance; if I'm getting swarmed, why *shouldn't * I be able to grab that nearby rake, bowling ball, or pair of boxing gloves and just start wailing? A number of weapons will prove more effective than others (combinations especially), but the fact remains that Dead Rising 2 wants you to kill zombies by any and all means necessary, as it sure as hell should be. You can fight however you want, whenever you want, and with whatever you want.

And this is where the boss fights become a problem. Because the entire previously mentioned "anyway, anyhow" style of Dead Rising 2 just comes crashing down, and the vast majority of the boss fights require a very limited subset of weaponry and at best one or two tactics; and if that subset of weaponry happens to be Light Machinegun and Sniper Rifle from nearby pawn shop, well you can expect the disappointment train to arrive on time today, and believe it or not the conductor isn't checking tickets this time. The bosses themselves fit well into the story and the notion of a zombie outbreak, and while not necessarily difficult once you figure out their gimmick (with a few exceptions, ugh), they feel so wholly unnecessary and tiresome in their devastation of Dead Rising 2's fantastic freestyle gameplay.

Despite the boss fights, I still do love Dead Rising 2. But really, Blue Castle obviously knows exactly how to dance liberally around that fine line between creating the most believable zombie world possible while still sporting chainsaws duct taped to canoe paddles, so I really wish they would have taken a really good look at the psychopath encounters and reconsidered how the player should generally deal with them.

#7 Posted by Xabu (38 posts) -

Dyna-Meat is pretty damn good but I don't know if it's worth farming for (Dynamite + Hunk of Meat).  Same goes for IED (Propane +Nails) but that also requires you to carry a handgun around, and spend a fair bit of time "rounding up" zombies.  Otherwise I'd just say survivors and psychopaths really.

#8 Edited by Xabu (38 posts) -

Easy way to do Slappy is to use a Fire Extinguisher on him.  I believe one is in the corner of the Art shop near him, but there are plenty of others scattered about. He'll panic and stand still, and you can just wail on him.  If you need health, there's a pretty quick respawning Vodka in the nearby liquor store, though if you get sick you'll want to take cover in the Art store nearby.  It's a little slow and you will need to regenerate health semi-frequently, but not too bad.
EDIT: For Brandon if you don't want to spend money on guns or wait to level up, just grab 2 Metal Bats (the ones that you hit balls when you attack) and a bunch of food just in case.  Stand at the very entrance of the bathroom doorway (you have to be inside for him to jump out of a stall), and the second you see him jump out, nail a ball at him and turn around and run.  He'll try to lunge at you in the hall and if you moved quick enough, he'll miss and be stunned temporarily, at which point you can nail him with another ball (whether or not you hit him he will retreat regardless).  It's semi cheap and kinda slow (he even yells "Stop the Explotation!" though that's probably related more to CURE...), but it is effective and mostly painless.

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This isn't related to codes specifically, but here's some additional unlocks if you were curious where all the hidden extras come from.   Credits to the impressively devoted Valkyria Chronicles megathread over on Penny Arcade:
 Isara - Link VC1 Save Data
Emilia - Link Phantasy Star Portable Save Data
Sigrid - Complete Reiner's classmate mission
Nahum - Have 100,000 DCT
Jugin - Complete the game
Brixham - Complete the game
Heinz Gilden - Get 5 Medals
Juliana Everhart - Get 20 Medals
Leon Hardins - Get all Medals
Inghild - Clear 10 Classmate Missions
Aisha - Clear 20 Classmate Missions
Oscar - Clear mission 120, not 100% sure what that means, possibly clear 120 missions since I don't think they're numbered.
Karl - Have 10 units withdraw or become injured
Elenor Varrot - Get Scout level 50
Rosie - Get Shocktrooper level 50
Largo - Get Lancer level 50
Emil - Get Engineer level 50
Zaka - Get Armor Tech level 50
Alicia - 10 Medals
Welkin - Learn all Orders, and then finish the Order Master paid mission that becomes available

#10 Posted by Xabu (38 posts) -

Few more preemptive mic checks, maybe tighten up the itinerary a bit (not shorten anyone's segment, rather try to refine the goal of each segment a little more clearly so it doesn't seem like improvisation/interludes are necessary), and you've got something fantastic gents.

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