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As someone who is a fan of Deadpool and have played this game, the GAME part of this is pretty generic and bad and probably deserves the 2/5, however the sheer fan service to the character and the execution of his attitude and mannerisms was pretty enjoyable.

Overall I can't say I disagree with the score, but Deadpool fans WILL enjoy this for what it's worth.

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@Luca717 said:

it will be cool that this comes out and ill probably get one later in the cycle, but it hasn't even launched yet and its garbage compared to what you get performance wise from a pc. ill continue playing my games there

@oasisbeyond said:

Buy a new pc from 2 years ago... = these systems :)

What you fail to realise is that with operating systems for actual computers they have to do more than just run games that are programmed for their specific hardware, you actually get better performance from the same hardware on a console than on a pc because consoles are free to use all their power on the game. So in actuality what you have is a console that is probably at least 2-3+ graphics card generations faster performing given the same spec.

The actual x86/64 architecture in a modern PC is also an outdated one but unfortunately it's the case of "why fix something that isn't broken" and the adoption rate / manufacture of different architectures in the tech business is currently too low to consider change on top of the fact that nearly all modern operating systems (windows, mac, linux) are all designed around manipulating the x86/64 cpu architecture and would need to be programmed, to some extent, almost from scratch. Xbox360 and Playstation 3 both have architectures that are not x86/64 and both perform better with the same hardware because of it.

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Hmm, looks interesting :P

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Hahaha, the end 10 seconds made that video all the more worthwhile watching :D priceless guys... don't you agree Zach? ;)