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Really so sad, Ryan was such a wonderful guy, condolences to his wife, friends, family etc.

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Custom decks or no sale, I enjoyed the first one despite its short-comings because I'm a MtG addict but without the ability to create and customise your own decks it's quite pointless, it forces you to play a style that may very well not be your own and drastically limits replay value because of it.

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Woohoo! Classic Kirby :) I've been after one of these since the ds release of Mouse Attack

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Is it just me or have people forgotten that making a petition and putting up signs is the MATURE way to argue this, instead of, ya know... burning down IW's offices? :P  
I for one am disgusted by them not having dedicated servers, being a long time PC gamer as well as having both a PS3 and a 360 the PC versions have always out-shined the console versions on so many levels. Don't even get me started on the graphics quality difference, load times and overall control that the PC brings to the table that consoles this generation can't even hope to compete with, and if you say it looks better on consoles then you are either blind or incredibly obtuse.