UGO can suck the sweat from my taint hair.

[Disregard all this crap, it was random premature venting. UGO is cool. Pretend everything here was directed at Ziff Davis's corporate jackass leaders]

I'm sure anyone reading this (all none of you) has heard that UGO has bought and gutted 1up. I just wanted to take a moment to vent in some sesquipedalian manner.
UGO can suck the dried sweat from my ass hair.
UGO can filch recycled chicken tikka masala from Rosie O'Donnel's ass.
UGO can shove Ti tree oil soaked toothpicks under their fingernails and then jam them into a bucket of lime salt.
UGO can gargle the pus from a syphilitic leper's genital warts.
UGO can drown in dumpster full of burning vomit.