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I would like a 2XL, please.

This looks rad.

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The king of summer jams is dead.

Long live the king.

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Needs a picture of an NGAGE with Hodor.

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Hurry up and ship me my limited edition, dammit.

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This is the most logical thing I've ever seen written on Giant Bomb. DOWN WITH KONTENT I DON'T HAVE TO LOOK AT.
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 You can't take someone's motivations into account when punishing them, 
   This is complete and utter nonsense. There are innumerable variations in both civil and criminal charges, convictions, and sentencing based entirely on the motivations of the accused. Homicide vs. Manslaughter, for the most obvious example. 
The only person that put that bully's life in danger was himself. He started the conflict, he never attempted to disengage, all results are the consequence of his actions. 
The school should've sent Casey home for the day to deal with the stress. They should've expelled the fucknut bully permanently, and arrested him on charges of battery. (Or whatever the Australian equivalent is) Casey is obviously unskilled, he just grabbed and threw. There was no "almost did this" or "almost did that" of any kind, it was unskilled reaction that happened in the space of about a second.  The nonsense talk about what he "should have" done is fine and well for you, sitting at your computer, calmly looking over a web page for lulz and sipping your favorite beverage. It's easy for you to just say "he should've punched him in the face". OK, when was the last time you did that? How easy was it, if you ever have? You might as well say "he should've just sprinted away at olympic speeds", because you have no damn idea what he's physically capable of, and judging by his movements it was really only his size that let him do this. (That bully fights like a god damn idiot. His stance is six kinds of retarded and he punches like old people fuck, but he's fighting someone unskilled 

What if Casey had a bone disorder? Those "simple" punches could have caused massive trauma. The bully didn't know that, and he acted anyway. When you attack someone, you have to assume that you may kill them, and thus, if you are the aggressor, that you may be killed. That's your own damn fault for starting it. 
What Casey needs is to be trained. As I was taught by one of my trainers, who was at the time an active patrolling officer in Albuquerque, first you take them down, then you do one follow upTHEN you walk away. This was his specific legal advice, and said that if anyone were involved in an altercation and it went to court, to call him, and he would testify as a police officer, that these were his specific instructions. His advice to Casey would've just been to make sure the kid wasn't getting back up before he backed off. 
Also, seriously. 
He slammed that dude so fucking hard he caused an Earthquake IN THE PAST.
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@fryedrycestyle: the Epic Jeff pic is from What's My Name, they did play again at the end of the night, the 2nd go 'round was Piano Man, and it was pretty epic, too. 
The "Shoemaker Family Reunion" pic comes from while they were giving the faux guitarist (dubbed "Edge" by them) a bunch of shit for wearing Vibram Five Fingers. 
I think they were just jealous of his abs.
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@crusader8463: "optimized better" 
As in, "optimized". 
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Retailer-specific pre-order bonuses can die in a fucking bus fire.