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I have had a WOW account a few times in the past and have felt it was really a great game, but a major commitment to continue playing.  The fee, coupled with all you could do, really cripples you from playing other games cause there is only so many hours per day to play games.  for the devoted WOWer, do you just play this game or do you find time to play other games?

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well, they want to sell xboxes, so i big-time exclusive like halo reach will bait more people into buying one.  the halo games are really programmed more for a console type of interface and porting it to a pc would feel somewhat tarnished in terms of presentation and control. 

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It would have been nice to have this, but just like Warcraft Adventures, it's wasn't up to par in quality.

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i hope there is  verisimilitude in this

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nice to be here and love the achievement system :)

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