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Tell me all you know about Lists and Sets!

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I put 140 hours into Battlefield 3 multiplayer and I can tell you that I have way more complaints about that game than I do compliments. I keep playing it because friends ask me to play with them, and I feel like they play because they paid the $60+$15 for it.

Jeff already paid for his membership and during a time where not many games are coming out it makes sense to put some time into a game like TOR.

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I am so sorry, Will. You said it though, not me.

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Shouting out the Whiskey Media Radio Show.

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Yeah, if nothing can be done on your guys' end then don't sweat it. Thanks, Alexis!

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It's in flash, Firefox still doesn't support the HTML player. I'm on a 1680x1050 resolution so it does seem to be switching from 1280 to 920 when I re-size the window in any way. I think the Firefox bug you described is exactly what's happening for me as it re-sizes without any issues in Chrome.

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Firefox 6.0.1

Doesn't seem to matter whether it's a readitlater, bookmarks or history sidebar pane.

Embiggen is enabled, no such problem when debiggened.

I believe this to be a problem with the video window being re-sized when the sidebars are shown or hidden.

edit:The video will also restart if you re-size the window.

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Yup, I'm seeing it as well. There is currently no show though.

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We didn't, but Ryan claims to have never even seen him that day in one of the E3 podcasts. I'm afraid we'll never know for sure.

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If you think it's not awesome to run into fans, you'd be wrong.

Ken seems fond of your fortunate meeting last night as well.