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I feel like if Towerfall was released on PC, this is what would have happened. Instead it was released on the Ouya. This is where Ouya shines, I think. Local multiplayer. Towerfall has made a name for itself because of this.

Now when Towerfall hits the PC, it will already have a community of fans required to make a multiplayer game successful.

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Terrible. :(

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Male Nidoran looks ace! Love those ears.

Concept Art program: awesome! Wish I had the guts to dedicate to something like that!

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Queen of the Nidos!

Nicely done (but maybe a little less polished than some of your others? n_n;)

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I'm running on some free pre-paid cards, but once those run out, there seems to be little chance that I'll renew. What a shame, I quite liked the 360; but the Xbone just doesn't seem worth it.

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Awesome stuff. :)

You should do a video recording of one of your illustrations. I'd love to glean some of your techniques.

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Perhaps I was misinformed, but I thought Virtual Console games purchased on your Wii were not accessible on your WiiU. Maybe Nintendo is my salvation after all.

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I think the 24 hour check is the worst part of it all, you are right about that. Without that, at least I could pull out the Xbone from a dusty box and play the games that have been installed on it.

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This pokemon's evos should be pretty sweet to watch.

Well done!

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I think one of the reasons that I like consoles is the fact that you build a small collection of games that work on a given console. Once this cycle ends, I can put my 360 and its games in a box some place, and if I want to play them again, I can pull it all out at some future time and play them.

While I don't foresee Microsoft going out of business, I just hate the idea that they are in control of when I can play the games that I buy. After I retire my Xbone, will I be able to pull it out of a box in 10 years and play it? Or will their Xbone servers be offline, leaving me with a box of rubbish that does nothing?

At least with Steam you know that you have a great amount of portability. I can use any computer running several different versions of windows. I have control over the hardware, essentially. The Xbone leaves it all in Microsoft's hands, which sucks.

You can't buy games any more, you can only lease them. License them. And any time MS sees fit, it can revoke the license or end the lease. This is what I cannot tolerate.

Plus, Oculus Rift, amirite?