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Ain't that a thing of beauty. I got mine in the mail as I write this. My old PS3 slim got the YLOD and this will be my second unit. The free PS Plus for a year will save me some bucks since I already was a subscriber.

Does the tray feel flimsy? also, How much sound does it do compared to the previous slim model?

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So, no DLC for PC?

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I'm excitet but worried about the PC Version. I really hope they give PC controls the attention they deserve. Most games developed these days say that the PC version is done separate but in reality it rarely is.

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How is this douche still doing games?

Some readers are saying that people can change. That is well and true, just don't give him the helm of another project. Keep him for the experience that he has for sure and let him earn his way back to the top.

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Runadrake and Moringer can suck donkey balls. Go Iron Brigade, go go go! [ salute ]

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@TPoppaPuff: @TPoppaPuff said:

...With that said, you can fight it all you want but Valve's ridiculous restrictions are at fault and these restrictions are motivated by greed.

I'm afraid you're not looking at the big picture. Granted Valve has some monetary interests but their philosophy has been always to offer customers better service and to offer publishers a better platform.

In this case, it si said that EA wishes to sell DLC inside the game. This would cause your version of the game to change if this DLC is applied. Since it was not done through Steam, then Steam can't validate your game and the whole process of Steam protecting users and publishers from pirated content goes out the window. They have to be able to validate the version for a game like for example Modern Warfare 2, or it could potentially lead to cheating and piracy.

Things are not black and white. Valve may always keep their plans ultra private but they are a trustworthy company, which is more that can be said for EA, and I for one give them a vote of confidence.

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Could "Global Offensive" mean it will be cross platform gameplay?

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That trailer should have lasted 30 seconds.

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I heard about the Jedi "thing" but I didn't expect it to come when she was trying to heal the horse. My jaw just dropped. If they keep this up, this game will be amazing.

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This just goes to prove how awesome Bastion is going to be. Can't wait to play it. Congrats!!!