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@Phatmac said:

You could just skip them if they bother you so much that you had to write a blog about it.

And miss the content after the ending credits, no thanks.

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@MikkaQ said:

But yeah I really hate it when you get to the end of the main dev team in the credits, you think it'll be done soon, but no they list another three studios worth of marketing, PR, accounting, finance, etc. Those people don't have anything to do with making games, they could do those jobs in the film industry, the meat packing industry, the car industry, it's completely irrelevant to the game I'm playing.

Localization is the only one that's relevant, and even that shouldn't be shown if you're not using the localization If I'm playing the English version of the game, I don't care who translated it to Italian. If I played the italian version, then yeah I would care. They should make different credits depending on the region. People who localize movies almost never get credit in the credits, they usually have to add it themselves as part of the subtitles or something.

@Xymox said:

Well this is bizarre. I finished the same game and sat there watching the credits, and asked myself this very thing.

I mean, did this many people really work on the game? Does anyone know? Because I'm just going to assume the answer is no.

It's like, are you just showing me a list of people currently employed at SEGA, or a list of people that were actually involved in making this game a reality? Because it looks more like the former. I don't want to undermine the work that's put into making even a simple game within a big studio, but I just can't see that there was that much work that needed to be delegated for a project like Hell Yeah. There's only so mush "blood, sweat and tears" to go around.

I always watch the end credits, but these days it's become ridiculous... Even the ending songs end before the credits do.

Yeah, exactly my point. 15 minutes of ending credits for a download only PSN/XBLA/Steam release doesn't compute. If the ending credits would contain only the people who actually made the game then it would make sense.

And I am not exaggerating when I say 15 minutes, the ending credits truly last that long so please don't tell me that they all had their hands on making the game.

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There is one thing that has started increasingly to annoy me more and more in modern video games.

Ending credits.

I mean I dont mean to disrespect the people creating these games but...

I just completed Hell Yeah! Wrath Of The Dead Rabbit and it was extremely good game IMO, fun and surprising with solid gameplay and everything I want from my modern sidescrolling 2d shooterplatformer. But is it really necessary to display 15 minutes of ending credits? Did SEGA Benelux or SEGA Australia really put that much creative input into the game so that they should be included in the ending credits? I think not.

Most of the credits consisted of people dealing with marketing, translating or something else not directly affecting my gameplay experience therefore useless information for me. Why does gaming industry see these names relevant to display them to the player, is it some kind of reward for me to endure long lists of names which I really don't want to see. Most of the time skipping ending credits is not a possibility and I really don't want to do it as there might be something hidden at the end of the credit roll. I want to see the whole ending but I really have no need for the information games these days want to show me.

In my opinion the ending credits should contain only the people why really made the game happen and the "useless" names should have their own credit roll which the players would see should they choose to do so in a menu or something like that. Or at least localize the ending credits so that the list would be a lot smaller for each individual.

It seems that the gaming industry don't want players to complete their games and punish us for doing so.

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Ok, lets do this.

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Yay! \o/

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Mine would be Deep Cuts from The Knife.

I consider the album to be perfect whatever mood I am in.

The songs are produced perfectly, at first it might sound that it is some kind of joke with steel drum samples and such but once you get into it and look it as a whole then all the pieces come together.

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What is your absolutely favorite album of all time right now.

Name just one that currently means the most to you.

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I'm a melee man myself, still when possible I like to cast a spell once in a while. Usually while running away from monsters :D

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Digital Extremes? 
Digital Extremes?!?  
Original developers were too busy with eating meatballs or something?
Me being a Starbreeze Studios fan and having a recollection Dark Sector being not so good this news doesnt sound all that good eventhough Darkness II sounds good as I really liked the original. Hopefully this sequel will contain the minor diversions from normal fps action with talking to citizens and doing liltte sidequests for them.

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Axing Hudson US and turning Hudson JP into Facebook game factory is a sad sad thing to do to company with their history.

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