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@goonage: that was one of my smaller quibbles but it still seems out of place and was more just another example of the game beating you over the head with foreshadowing, the mirrors, the fairy tales, the song, all these things that filtered through and feature heavily in police investigation footage and that just happen to also have thematic ties to the nature of the plot twist and the crime. It was all just too convenient and overly written.

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I think people are reading too much into it. Both situations are pretty implausible and as people on both sides have pointed out there are problems with both theories. I would call these plot holes inherent to both this type of story and the way in which it is delivered. I enjoyed the construction of the game but found the story to be very underwhelming. The big twist was telegraphed way too obviously and it actually got in the way of enjoying the game, even moment to moment. I felt like I was searching based on what I know of these narratives and not by thinking like a detective. There were so many reflection and mirror references along with all the fairy tale references I managed to find the twist by ignoring things like associate names and events and stumbled upon the twist within 20 min of starting by looking at it from a writers perspective instead. A couple of other things like her song which revealed too much and was completely tonally off (do we really expect that police would have a woman sing on guitar as part of the interview). Add to this the idea that maybe the story was meant to be open ended and I feel like its kind of a waste of time to try to work out by deduction and reason whether twins or multiple personalities is the "right" answer. Overall I did enjoy my time with the game, but it is just a shame that the story that was told was far too cliche and ridiculous.

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There is a bunch of stuff missing, and not just the really obscure stuff. Super Time Force isn't there

Anyway my Stuff.

Eidolon. Survival/Exploration game that feels like Proteus, but with a little more direct storytelling and with light survival mechanics.

Hadean Lands: A Sci Fi text adventure that feels like you are playing a tabletop rpg with the most insane/brilliant gm ever, on pc and ios. Anyone who has mentioned 80 Days here should check this one out, it will blow your mind.

Super Time Force: Nothing much to say, love the mechanics, love the weird emergent puzzle solving that the mechanics inadvertently create. I even don't mind the dumb humour. One of my favourites of the year.

Mount Your Friends: Its great every time they play it on the show and even better in person, perhaps the best "let's have some beers and play multiplayer games" game of all time.

The Sailor's Dream: From Simogo, the people that brought you Year Walk and Device 6, another unique game that plays with presentation in interesting ways and is best to just jump in cold and experience it without context,

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I don't really play that many racing games (usually one every 3-4 years) but I think this is awesome. Such a great example of what the gaming community can be. Keep it up duders, hope you enjoy your race night for many years more.

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1. The Mirror

2. Taxi Driver

3. Persona

4. 2001: A Space Odyssey

5. Wings of Desire

6. Aguirre, Wrath of God

7. The Red Shoes

8. The Godfather

9. There Will Be Blood

10. Rashomon

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Welcome to Giantbomb guys, I was a fan of your content when I used to visit Game Informer. can't wait to see what you produce/contribute to here.

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If you can make it down to Barwon Heads, about 1hr 20min out of Melbourne, I work at Jirrahlinga Wildlife Sanctuary. We have a lot of native animals, I'd be happy to give you a tour, you'd even be able to handle/pat some animals, like wombats, kangaroos etc.

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Far Cry 4

Witcher 3


Runners Up: Evolve, Cuphead, Dragon Age, Batman, No Man's Sky

I'd Like to see more from AC, Tomb Raider, Abzu and Inside, Below would be pretty high, but not much of a showing so far.

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Good list, even had a couple I'm now interested in that I wasn't aware of.

Mine are probably:

  1. Destiny
  2. Quadrilateral Cowboy
  3. Evolve
  4. Massive Chalice
  5. Below
  6. The Witness
  7. Wildstar
  8. Gorogoa
  9. Hyper Light Drifter
  10. Persona Q
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Best: Her

Worst: Gangster Squad