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Best: Her

Worst: Gangster Squad

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Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans is great, Adaptation, Leaving Las Vegas and Raising Arizona are also great Cage performances. Wild at Heart and Moonstruck are two that are well regarded, but I haven't seen.

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scene-stealers.com is my favourite place for movie reviews, not as pandering and blockbuster friendly as a lot of sites, not as pretentious as a lot of sites, you never feel like you're being talked down to, but you get good, in depth discussion from people who really know what they're talking about, good sense of humour too. If you just want straight up humour look to filmdrunk.uproxx.com, most of the stuff they put out is pretty damn funny (podcast can be a bit bro-y though). For film news I go to the playlist, but I take their opinions with a grain of salt as I agree as often as I don't with them. Finally if oscar punditry is your thing incontention is the place if you have fun with picking the winners and lightly following awards season.

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@xavtron: Those aren't so much tropes they are elements of the genre, additionally they're used extremely well in the story far and above the genre standard; that isn't really a thing in Bioshock with a few minor exceptions along the way (though Would You Kindly was definitely on par with like 1/5th of the Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite doesn't have anything close to that though).

No, a necessary/defining element of the genre would be that there are zombies in it, beyond that, anything is fair game, what I listed were specific examples of plot points that have been used over and over again, I agree they are done extremely well but so was Bioshock, arguing that is another point, but to say the Last of Us doesn't deal in tropes where Bioshock does is disingenuous. I think both have narrative flaws, Bioshock in some of the deeper mechanics of the world and the Last of Us with a few character turns and if you think Bioshock got bogged in exposition then consider the end of TLOU where Marlene explains the fireflies' purpose, what happened while you were out and what will happen for a while as you are trying to escape the building. All I'm trying to say is that both have their problems but the conversation on Bioshock have given these unfair weight and most people can't explain themselves and just say that the combat was bad and the plot had holes, because multiverse which is as lazy as excusing it in the same way.

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@fredchuckdave: I don't think that saying the Last of Us being top 5 for zombie films is much of an argument, as most zombie movies are terrible, there are barely 5 non parody zombie films that are worth the time. Also really? Oblivion, that is an example of terrible sci fi genre fiction. That's one where holes appear even as you view it, and its philosophical side is laughable, sample quote "if we have a soul its made up of the love we share". Bioshock is far smarter than that, even when its most heavy handed elements are at play.

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@fredchuckdave: the Last of Us absolutely delved deeply into zombie fiction tropes (executed on well but well worn tropes nonetheless). Member of the party getting bitten, badass person who thinks working alone is best, malicious group of survivors being the bigger threat, group that wants cure at all costs, child forced to grow up quickly to survive in world.

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My main problem is that there was a substantial amount of talk about narrative issues that Infinite has but almost no talk about what that entails. I feel like over the year people have soured on Infinite in a weird way, focusing solely on the negatives, to the point where that is all anyone seems to think of when the game comes up. Last of Us, by comparison is looked at as this shining beacon of perfection where its negatives (which I think it has both narratively and gameplay wise in similar ways to Infinite) are completely glossed over.

I would like to hear what the team's thoughts about the specifics of their issues are (there certainly are issues with both games). I think a lot (not all) of the plot holes that people talk about are ones that took a bunch of people a couple of months to scour the game for. Some of these are kind of inherent to the genre and are about as silly as saying that magic doesn't/can't exist because of x and that's why Skyrim is bullshit. I agree that waving these things away and saying you just have to "go with it" is unproductive too, but a certain amount of leniency could be applied given the scope and ambition of the storytelling, especially as it takes a fair amount of digging before any truly glaring oversights become apparent. As you experience it, it fits together pretty damn well and reaches a conclusion that is consistent and emotionally resonant, succeeding where so many (even highly regarded) sci fi stories fall on their face.

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If you think you'd care about it, papers please will get some spoilery discussion. The swapper probably will too.

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Great list Patrick, and good work championing simogo, Device 6 made my top 10. Wish you'd found some room at the bottom for Bioshock, but a very cool and diverse list nonetheless.