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I dunno, I feel like that all these "titillating" games are such limp-wristed attempts at being sexy. If you wanna make a porn game, make a goddamned porn game! Have their tops come off, have them have sex, who cares?! Obviously you'd have to space it out so the nudity is earned, which probably stimulates, like, ALL the reward centers in a brain, but I figured it was because platform holders or something, but that comment from Koei Tecmo when the (just awful) version of Dead or Alive _ hit PC a year or so ago showed me differently.

“We have to deal with mod issues from an IP holder perspective,” he explains.

“We would like to ask PC users to play our game in good moral and manner. Otherwise, we won’t be able to release a title for PC again.”

So it's an IP holder perspective? The women can be ogled relentlessly for spank material, but don't you mod it so that tiny piece of fabric comes off and exposes a nipple! I'm not even trying to moralize here, if they want to make spank material, great, if people also think that's shitty of them, also great! Conversations about this stuff are good for creating perspective.

I'm simply of the personal opinion that if you're going to try to sell me spank material in the age of the internet, you'd better damned well be making actual spank material. There's plenty of games on consoles that show plenty of T&A, and Blu-Ray versions of animes shown on TV have boobs galore, so what's this weird stigma about actually taking clothes off in Japanese spank titles? Spankables?

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Watching the Quick Look. It's not a big deal (it's barely even a super tiny deal) but I feel a tiny tiny irk of annoyance every time Brad refers to the Garden Ops/Single Player stuff as the "main mode." You start 3 feet from the multiplayer portal for a reason, Brad! THAT'S the main mode! Garden Ops, as with most horde modes, is the side thing!

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There's a TON of secrets in this game, including some crazy puzzles. I love stuff like this!

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I picked it up. I LOVED the first. Was kind of irked by how the Bomb crew talked about the mutliplayer like it was some weird side thing to the "main" part of the game, the Garden Ops. I consider it 100% the other way around. The multiplayer is a ton of fun while I find the horde mode stuff to be tired and boring. The classes are just so much fun to play as and fight each other with. Much better than fighting brain dead (cause they're zombies!) AI. Just my opinion. I play a ton of shooters, too, so it's not like this is some weird sheltered-from-shooters opinion, I just think it plays absolutely fantastically and the teamplay is unique and fun! Also, dunno how it looks on consoles (I assume very pretty) but the game, like the first, is some top-tier gorgeous. They have a fantastic art style that they just utterly nail on the technical side.

A bit of an aside, but I often see TV shows with 3D animation, or movies, you know, something that doesn't even look that great like a Madagascar, but they have this really nice visual clarity that a lot of games don't. You can see everything in a scene, obviously it's pre-rendered and whatnot so it's going to look like that, but I think PvZ GW is like, right up there. Every scene looks crisp and clear and smooth, free of jaggies and it just shines, their lighting and art style just give a really convincing sort of "physicality" to the world, for lack of a better term. And it runs so SMOOTH, dammit! I'm on a 144hz monitor and it just stays locked at 144hz while being so beautiful, it's so well optimized.

In short, I hope the new Psychonauts looks this good. Because this seems like an evolution of that style of art.

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I find all ads sketchy. "As Seen On TV" is a fucking joke because most shit sold on TV is a joke. If I hear another fucking Beezid commercial on TV I'm gonna fucking kill myself. (Note: I said hear, not watch, closest I come to watching TV is hearing it from another room.)

Radio ads are the same way. Just because they polish them up to trick people who are probably really dumb (Because they associate a well produced ad with not being sketchy, which makes them the biggest fucking sucker of all) doesn't mean that they're on the up-and-up.

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Most of them are pretty easy and kind of fun, Command was a little tricky because you have to find the right spot to stand on, but once you do it's easy as pie.

R&D was literally one of the worst gaming experiences I've ever had in my life. After watching a video and then trying to copy it, TWICE, I had to instead run the video alongside my playthrough, pause it if I fell behind, get to the same spot, repeat. It was so bad. I was so goddamned angry at how overly complex that stupid platform is. I hope the R&D guys aren't the ones who built that platform, because if so I'm surprised my grenade doesn't require have a pin that doubles as one of those "two lengths of metal" puzzles.

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It's a big ol' expensive hunk of disappointment.

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God, the fact that Snake finally shut the fuck up with his horrible dialogue is one of my favorite things about the game. He was a character who 90% of the time repeated the last word someone else said and threw a question mark on it. I've always found his general cluelessness and wordiness to be completely infuriating. Solid Snake in particular is a goddamned dunce that only succeeds because everyone around him is ten times as incompetent as he is.

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S ranking this was awful. I could get to a certain point in the fight and the tank that spawns on the right and goes up the hill would kill me in one shot like 95% of the time. I basically had to make sure the entire hill was clear, and then run up and hide on that hill, hope nothing else spotted me, and crawl as close to the tank as I could before lighting it up with my CGM 25, than diving back behind the hill. Luckily, the fully upgraded CGM 25 is the most OP launcher in the game and can one-shot that tank like nobodies business.

The worst part was that I could one-shot EVERY VEHICLE that spawned, no problem, so I'd have these long dreadful lulls in the action each time I died where I just sat there waiting for crap to spawn and hoping I wouldn't get one-shot. Quiet NEVER actually drew fire like the game claimed she was. Finished the fight with full health.

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This looked okay. Not great or anything, but okay. No one on camera appeared to know how to shoot properly.