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I don't know how you can have people from MMO backgrounds and not think you can do a raid like this with randoms. MMOs have random queues and people clear all but the hardest of content with relative ease -- and those are much more technically demanding battles that revolve around a much larger array of mechanics and player abilities.

Sure, randoms wouldn't be the world first, but thinking you'd need to be at it for 6 months while watching videos is really stretching it. Developers should stop assuming everyone who plays with randoms are mouth-breathing idiots.

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Please, Drew! I'm dying!

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You're reporting rumours as news now?

Do you even know what the word rumor means?

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I hope things like the UI scale correctly above 1080p. That annoyed the hell out of me trying to play MGSR at 1440p.

Either way, this really opens the door up to HD collections of both the entire MGS and Silent Hill series on PC. You need to allow PC-only people to catch up on the story in time for MGS5. Same goes for the eventual Silent Hills port on PC.

I'm pretty sure every single Silent Hill except the first and Downpour (and of course the handheld one(s)) have hit the PC. I guess Shattered Memories as well, but in terms of "main" games there's been 2, 3, 4 and Homecoming on PC. I think Downpour didn't get ported because it was shitty poop.

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MGS will be a game I want to play from the comfort of my sofa with the visual and audio capacity of my home theater, but I will absolutely buy a (later) discounted version for the PC, too.

This was unexpected, but welcome. I hope they don't disappoint with a poor port.

That's how I play my PC games. got 8 hdmi ins on my surround receiver and a long hdmi cable isn't that expensive.

^ This guy understands it. Upscaling games using tools like GeDoSaTo, 60FPS gameplay, AND sitting on a comfy couch is the best thing.

Unfortunately, doing that presumes a lot of things, like that your home theater and your office are within spitting distance of each other and that you can dedicate your most powerful rig to serving as almost exclusively a home theater addition.

Well look at fancy man and his "office." If you weren't 97 years old you'd turn that office into something cool, like a drug room, and get your PC out where you do your gamin'! In my house, everything related to gaming is done optimally, no half-assing it or making excuses. I used to have a thousand reasons for not setting something up, then I realized I was only making it worse!

(Also I'm half-joking, I know your setup is what it is and having a bad back is a motherfucker.)

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You would be horribly wrong then. The PS4 and Xbone can barely stand up to an average gaming PC from 2 years ago. It will look leaps and bounds better on PC.

Metal Gear Rising on PC would like to speak to you.

Rising was done by Platinum games not Kojima's studio, also it was Platinum's first ever PC game.

Rising on PC looked fantastic, just being able to increase the amount of physics objects and how long they stick around is a really nice feature, and keeping 60 fps while using Blade Mode is amazing.

Yeah I don't know what the conversation is here, MGSR ran just fine for me on PC. Kid be smokin' the cracks.

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Oh God, of all the people to learn new gameplay ideas from, it had to be the Dynasty Warriors goofballs.

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To people saying "they HAD to do this," no, they didn't. This is pre-emptive voluntary bullshit to avoid having to deal with the DMCA. Why fight to make your service better for millions when you can defer to the few who have money and lawyers?

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As much appreciation that I have for this being a thing, it still won't get me into DOTA 2. The community itself is far from being noob friendly. They need to do a lot more than this to get rid of the intolerant assholes.

I don't play Dota 2 either, but joining a moba on your own is never a good idea. Brad did it the right way -- he played with friends that showed him what was what and didn't get mad at him. Randoms on the internet will always be assholes, it's not exclusive to moba titles -- it just flares up more there because those randoms are relying on someone who has no idea what they're doing.

Whether that's a realistically fixable problem without bringing in friends, I dunno, but you kind of get a team going with these games anyway, queuing up solo even if you're experienced seems miserable.

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@xbob42: You seem to hate Giant Bomb. That's fine. We all have differing opinions, but complaining rudely to other commenters about people who probably aren't going to read your comments is kind of fruitless, in addition to being off-topic and annoying to those who aren't so passionate about difficulty levels.

Now, if you're simply annoyed about this single issue and otherwise you deeply respect Giant Bomb as a whole, as I do, then how about you shoot Jeff a Comic Vine PM detailing your concerns so he may address the issue at length during one of his fantastic Jar Time videos.

I don't hate Giant Bomb at all, what a silly comment. I'm irritated by this one aspect of their coverage.

Additionally, it's not off-topic at all, it's in the friggin' article. It's the first several paragraphs! It basically is the main topic!

And if anyone's "annoyed," by my posts... tough titty, I guess? I'm voicing legitimate complaints here in an article that starts out with the very subject I'm complaining about. And the idea that Patrick wouldn't read these comments is silly, he replies to his articles all the time.

Why would I shoot Jeff a Comic Vine PM about the issue? He made it very clear what his stance was just a couple days ago. It basically amounted to "this is what we think the typical player is going to do, slam A A A A and get playing."

Which is funny, because during that same topic he says about normal difficulties being easy, "What's the publisher trying to say about the average gamer?" So he believes that the average gamer is a brain dead idiot that slams A A A A to start a game and get to the "hot action," but laments publishers for thinking the same thing...? What could a complaint to him possibly amount to besides a "we've already talked about this a lot recently and you know my opinion on it"?

At least by addressing Patrick I could maybe be reaching someone who isn't as stubborn on the issue. But you know what? I'll shoot a PM to Jeff anyway, just to be sure.