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Yeah, I'm all for more voice actors getting a chance to shine. Games and anime (English dub and Japanese) as well, can certainly be stagnant in that regard as well.

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Troy Baker gotta eat.

So do all the other struggling VO actors.

i highly doubt Troy Baker is struggling at all at the moment. Considering all the roles he has had lately, I'm sure he is quite well off.

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Most of those aren't even that bad, it's a fucking online chat room--it will never be completely sterile. GB doesn't even approach how bad other chats can be.

Not every comment in any chat is going to be super insightful and productive, and that's fine.

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If you are implying that only people who have actually bought the game have the right to complain about these exploitative practices, I very much disagree.]

Uh no. I'm wondering how many people preordered and then regretted it, but thanks for assuming the worst.

Apologies, I assumed wrong, that's simply how your post came across to me.

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I'm wondering...

How many people complaining about these microtransactions bought or even preordered Unity?

I hardly every preorder games, and the fact that these transactions are in the game steer me away from the game completely. I'm voting with my wallet here. If you are implying that only people who have actually bought the game have the right to complain about these exploitative practices, I very much disagree.

There are a lot of people who despise these type of micro-transactions, and why wouldn't they? I can understand having them in f2p mobile games, but lumping them with a $60 dollar product to this degree is unacceptable in my book.

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I don't know why, but somehow the moment I saw screenshots of that game I thought there's a game @rorie would play. I know almost nothing about the games he plays other than CRPG's but if I had to put money on which GB guy would play this, it'd be him.

I don't have a 3DS, alas.

You should really think about correcting that! Especially with the new one coming out soon.

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As someone whose played a little TF2, this excites me way more. TF2 is honestly just too slow to keep me interested. I love how the speed looks in this game, it seems very fast paced, and reminds more of "Shadowrun", not the adventure game, but that weird class based shooter on the 360. Hell, a lot of people hated that game because they were expected something connected to the shadowrun universe, but as someone with no connection to it, it was a fun as hell team based multiplayer shooter.

Just because another studio is making a class based multiplayer shooter doesn't mean it's just "copying" TF2, that's a really shallow view to have.

This looks like a blast to play.

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I think Jason would be a great addition.

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At this rate, there may be population who eats up this shit for years. But it will be REALLY fucking small.

Bungie is making some godawful decisions here.