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Any ounce of sympathy I would have had for Tale of Tales evaporated as soon as I saw their extremely childish meltdown on twitter.

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I have some beef with your assertion that 1080/60 should be easy. Go ask John Carmack how much blood, sweat and tears went in to locking Rage down at 60 FPS. It takes much more than simple horsepower; it takes manpower. Lots of talented people working many hours to solve complicated technical issues. That costs a lot of money, for what publishers deem ultimately an unnecessary feature to sell the game to general audiences. That's the issue at hand here; there's not enough time and money to go around for making these super-duper awesome looking games for the next generation.

The dusk of big budget games rapidly approaches, leaving all but those with the blandest, widest appeal. It's not something you can change, and its certainly not the end of the world. Shit's just changing.

It should be easy but the very limited specs of this current generation of consoles makes working within those limitations while maintaining high resolution and framerate very challenging. They need to figure out where and how as well as if to cut down on graphical fidelity and/or other features to achieve that goal.

When working with a properly speced PC it's far, far easier by comparison to reach 1080/60 or even higher resolution and framerates. Hell even the rushiest port jobs to PC like the new Assassin's Creed can easily reach 1080/60 on a good PC.

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Seems like Kojima was actually serious about this being his last Metal Gear and Konami was still trying to keep him around for another sequel, and they had a falling out.

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Good, we sure wouldn't want the game about horrific mass murder to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

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I'm sorry, but I can't get over the fact that you want "Mature Smart Anime" and yet put Code Geass in your likes, and Steins Gate in your dislikes. And the fact that you didn't even bother to finish Baccano.

Code Geass is a great anime to get drunk off your ass and laugh at the ridiculous of it, but it's anything but mature and smart.

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Oh man, Brad's arguments were just awful. But whatever. It's dumb but at least it only got 10th I guess. Over much more deserving titles but whatever. Brad.

Nah, there weren't any more deserving titles. Nothing played better than Destiny this year. Wolfenstein was surprising, but if this year wasn't so disappointing overall, you wouldn't see it in any top 10 list. It's not that great. I felt like Destiny would've been bumped in there regardless, because there weren't any serious other games to consider. I was mostly with Jeff: Destiny is probably even better than half of the games that made the list before they even started discussing if Destiny should be put on it.

I'm sorry but when you say "Nothing played better than Destiny this year." your bias very clearly shows itself. You can't just say "The shooting feels so good" as if that encompasses all that is important to a game. You very clearly like Destiny a lot, perhaps even more than Brad, but that doesn't make the multitude of people who thought it was disappointing and didn't belong on the list at all wrong in their judgement.

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Weird Japanese anime filled rhythm games.

You are history's greatest monster.

Rhythm Heaven is amazing and you should feel bad.

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Definitely, the soundtrack alone is worth that price tag.

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Yeah, I'm all for more voice actors getting a chance to shine. Games and anime (English dub and Japanese) as well, can certainly be stagnant in that regard as well.

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Troy Baker gotta eat.

So do all the other struggling VO actors.

i highly doubt Troy Baker is struggling at all at the moment. Considering all the roles he has had lately, I'm sure he is quite well off.