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I think Jason would be a great addition.

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At this rate, there may be population who eats up this shit for years. But it will be REALLY fucking small.

Bungie is making some godawful decisions here.

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I feel Loki is definitely a weak point, character wise, but, well I'll just say the Lumen Sage more than makes up for him in that regard.

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The new evolutionary update, 0 character limit for tweets, finally communication in it's purest, most succinct form has been achieved.

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Bayonetta 2 though, I can't honestly remember the last time I was this hyped for a game.

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I think the only reason I'm enjoying Destiny as much as I am, is that I rarely play FPS games anymore. I came in with lower expectations, and am enjoying the game for what it is a fun shooter with MMO elements, along with loot and progression.

I can't believe how much they botched their story and world building though. It's fucking laughably bad. Did no one have the thought run through their heads when making this being something like , "Wait, is our world, characters, and story engaging, interesting or even clear and apparent, at all?" I can't be bothered to look up shit on the grimore cards on a secondary device, hell I'd be lax to look at it on a separate menu within the game itself. It almost feels like they went out of their way to make the least engaging story ever told.

Fun enough game though.

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Yes. I agree with you. Seeing that there is people defending GG in this very thread is why we need GiantBomb to have an official stance.

Ignoring it just make everything worse.

Let me start by saying I have not chosen a "side" or anything like that I have not been involved in gamergate but reading this statement make me ask the question: and then what?

Once the staff write something standing firmly against gamergate you want them to do what? Outlaw any opinions defending it?

To defend Gamergate is to defend severe harassment.

You can not have an inclusive, welcoming community and have people within it defending death threats and people being driven from their homes.

Who on here is defending death threats? Surely that goes against current forum rules anyways.

Besides you didn't answer my question :)

Obviously you can take my answer to mean "remove them from the community" and "Yes". Just like if someone came out and defended the actions of other hate groups, such as the KKK or something of that nature, I'd want them removed from the site as well.

This isn't a zone where people can say whatever the hell they want and have no repercussions. This is moderated space where the moderators and the staff of the site can determine whatever the hell they want on the site. Call it censorship, call it whatever the hell you want. But this space, this forum isn't a democracy. The people who speak their opinions here are only allowed to because the staff and mods allow it.

Are you seriously comparing gamergate to the KKK? Are you in line with that one person on twitter who compared GG to ISIS as well? I find that quite offensive to the people who have actually suffered greatly from such groups who have been lynched and killed. Get a reality check, seriously.

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Our basic position is that we don't want people advocating for or directing people on how to break the law. So, that isn't necessarily a 100% restriction against the subject of illicit substances or emulation, but we tend to err on the side of caution because even the most well intended thread or post can and will often lead to darker discussions.

As far as what the staff discuss in the Bombcast and other content, nothing they do should ever be considered license for you to disregard the forum rules. We're going to continue to enforce the rules as they're written regardless of what the staff does or says. Maybe it feels like a double standard to some of you, but it's the way we've always handled things and will continue to handle things going forward.

If you have any doubts about what you're about to post, just send us a PM and we can have a discussion on whether or not we feel it is going to be acceptable. The door is always open to talk.

Thank you for your straightforward and honest answer.

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If you have a question as to whether something may be illegal or not, contact the moderators and we will let you know.

Contact a moderaton by clicking on the link (under "Contact the moderators") on the right of this very thread and they will answer your questions. There's no need to make a thread about it.

This is the reason they can't wholly do common sense rules anymore. Common sense isn't so common now-a-days.

This thread isn't in violation of any of the rules stickied on the front page as far as I can tell and is centered around a major rule of this website, wouldn't it be better if this were clarified by someone so the public could see the answer? There are quite a few people who are no doubt curious.

This topic isn't simply something along the lines of me whining that I was moderated or something, I feel as though this is something that should be made a little clearer to the GB community, at the very least.

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Are you really surprised a topic about some dude saying how great LSD is got deleted?

In retrospect, he did come across as an advocate in his post, even though he said something along the lines of "Not recommending people do it", my main concern isn't really the deletion of that topic, but of the rule in general. I can see clear advocation of these substances being banned on this site, of course, but different avenues of discussion are less clear. Even more-so with piracy/emulation in this regard.