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Starcraft 2 = GOTY

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Are manual scans allowed as images ?

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Mine's broken, I wish I could fix it :(

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People don't talk much about the Atari Lynx. I think it's a very underrated handheld. Even using 6 AA batteries and being huge, it deserves every gamers attention.
The not-so-portable was the first color LCD backlit display handheld. That's interesting, considering it was released months after the original gameboy in 1989, which had
a monochrome color palette..
Off wikipedia;
"At the time of its release in 1989, the Atari Lynx was also just being introduced to the market. This system featured color graphics, a backlit screen, and networking capabilities. Nevertheless, its release price of $179, substantial requirement of 6 AA batteries that would provide roughly only four hours of gameplay (compared to 35 hours on 4 AA batteries for the Game Boy), physical bulkiness, and other factors doomed it to a second-rate status."