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@penguindust: Thanks for the tip. I'll give it another try.

I really wish they would just let you watch HD content on the PC!

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I can't log in on my PS3. Was going to watch some Star Trek on Amazon Instant Video but it doesn't work if you aren't signed in.

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Hmm good question. It seems clicking on the podcast name just always takes you to the most recent episode on the mobile site.

If you know the name you should still be able to find it using search. If you are on android you could try the "Giant Bomb Beta" app by bitwrit (not sure if there is an iphone version). I believe it will show all bombcast episodes but I don't think it lists the other podcasts on the site. Using your favorite RSS reader of choice might be the easiest solution.

And some browsers will let you request the desktop version of the site (sometimes called changing user agent) which may work also.

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Still using my 360 controllers on PC, might as well since I have 7 or 8 of them lying around. Official wireless support may sway me to finally get some new controllers.

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Just tried to sync my Zune tonight and I cant pull any of the new episodes from the regular or premium RSS feeds.

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Great list Drew!

I hope Brothers wins the vote on Steam today.

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Grabbed a Throwback zippered hoodie. Been waiting on those to come back in stock for a while!

Too bad my $15 code pretty much just covered the shipping! I think Amazon prime has spoiled me.

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Damn. I really can't believe he is gone. I keep feeling like there has to be some sort of mistake.

Farewell Ryan. I'm gonna miss you!