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Clearly everyone has forgotten how terrible the Mako was. I hope the new one controls better.

Also I want to jump over missiles!

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What if we just installed a microphone in Vinny that just broadcasts everything he says to the internet, always.

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3 Months of PS+ will be nice to tack onto my account. None of those games interest me so I'd rather take whatever free stuff comes my way on PS3/4 from PS+

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I'm pretty sure this is spam... its a little hard to tell though.

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Honestly I'd rather them have less "stuff" in the game and more variety in interactions and situations. Sims 3 really fell apart after a few hours for me because it was so boring. All you do is grind out stats for hours, and then grind out a job for money, and then spam 2 conversation options that work over and over with someone until the meter is full. Its all pretty boring.

That being said, I'd really like to see the return of multiplayer to the series, it really doesn't make any sense to exclude it these days. Also a faster fast-forward would be great.

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Well, the dog belongs to you, and these kids are obviously strangers... Sorry kids, maybe you're assholes who set buildings on fire. Gimme my dog!

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There's so much premium content going on, I'm good.

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I'll definitely not regret gaming during my childhood, it got me through some tough times and taught me a lot of life lessons. I'd probably be better off in my adult life if I had stopped playing though.

Oh well, videogames are awesome so c'est la vie. No point regretting anything because your decisions are what made you who you are.

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Only one I can't speak for is State of decay.

FTL is pretty great, but its ultimately a short experience, same could be said for Jazzpunk. Plus you better make sure that that's your type of humour or you're going to feel cheated.

Mercenary Kings is only good if you have friends to play it with, its less fun in single player. Also it gets pretty grindy later on if that's not your thing. Also its free on PS4 if you have one.

Diabler III is a good game if you enjoy that kind of thing, kinda the same deal in my opinion as Merc Kings: way more fun with friends. Also its way more expensive than the rest of these games and even more so if you want the expansion to play with everyone who is actually playing D3 right now. You should also check out Path of Exile if you haven't already, its free to play and not shit. I prefer it to Diablo 3 these days.

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So good, but what exactly triggers it? I didn't see an answer in the video. I'm guessing its just being in a boat at that location or something, but that makes me wonder what took so long in finding it.