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I thought you meant Obama. Nevermind.

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I don't think there is going to be many recommendations (Though I could be wrong). 
Anything you get for $20 is going to be a cheap piece of shit, so just get any of them.

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Murder them. Best of both worlds IMO.

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The difference is that they make a living playing them.
When you have sponsors to pay you to play, you don't need a job because that is your job. Still, I imagine their lives are pretty unhealthy and not balanced very well.

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Great, why did you post this to the forums?
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Why reverse audio on something with absolutely no known significance until we play the game? Doesn't really make sense other than a way to build hype over nothing.
Which really, is pretty dumb in itself. People be ready to trade their kids for this game.

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A lot of people use it poorly, but its actually quite useful for clarifying that something you are saying isn't official or necessarily true, since its only your opinion. 
A lot of times what people say can easily and accidentally be misconstrued as a fact, rather than a personal belief or thought.

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Well, she dumped you. So your choices are limited.
If you know why she dumped you, then you should think about if those reasons are valid, and work on them. Even if she is no longer interested and you can never get back together with her, you should work on self improvement. A lot of guys just give up and become a bum for a long long time, sure thats definitely what we all want to do for a while, but after a few weeks you need to get up, and get to work. 
The most important thing is to find out exactly why she dumped you (I'm betting its because you are lazy and play too many videogames. I bet that for everyone on here. =P), if you don't find out exactly why, then you are going to just end up guessing and being pretty mentally destructive. If you know exactly why, then you know what you need to improve about yourself. You can even ask if you were to improve on it, would there be any chance of getting back together some time in the future. The trick is to not sound desperate. Its okay to miss her, obviously, but don't sound like you are going to go kill yourself or something over her. Ideally you want her to think that this breakup will actually push you to change. Chances are she tried a lot of different methods but you were too lazy/dumb/whatever to do anything about it in time. =P
As for how to cope... Cry? Be miserable for a while? Presumably you were pretty happy in that relationship, so its okay to be sad now. Those emotions are two sides of the same coin.
Having been in many sad and many happy situations myself, I find the most important thing is to be real to yourself, but also to be optimistic. Truthfully (knowing nothing of the situation obviously), you might never get back together, but you never know what will happen in the future, so why not make sure that you keep yourself ready for anything. Hobo bearding for 3 years might seem like fun, but you will miss so many opportunities during that time and thats just not worth it. Plus, its way better to break up now and find out she isn't the one, than get married or have kids or something first, and then have this happen. At least now you have more time to find the real perfect person for you.
So, goodluck. Life is really hard sometimes, but it has to be this shitty in order to be this good.

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Its the same as Giantbomb showing some guy from a FPS, I'm sure other people complain about that too. Its the demographics. 
You aren't Anime Vice's demographic, so the picture doesn't work for you. Most anime fans know that boobs are a pretty big staple of most animes, so that picture isn't exactly a surprise. Plus, if you read the tagline you will find out its also a joke, a play on the norms and expectations of anime. 
Plus, considering the state of Anime Vice, them trying to get more clicks and viewers isn't a horrible thing. 
Its not pandering when that is content that the community wants to see, thats just meeting consumer demand. Its like saying when GB shows off videogames its pandering because we love videogames. If anything, its pandering when GB shows off the guys doing silly things. Thats not about videogames but is just doing it to get more views and to please the audience.

Bottom line is that if you don't like it, don't look at it. Nobody is forcing you to. Making a topic is even dumber. They are just drawn breasts, don't freak out. I know breasts scare you, but one day you are going to have to come to terms with that and either come out of the closet or accept that other men like seeing them and find a way to cope.

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No idea what you are talking about, that was a long time ago. At least describe what it is you want to know or something.