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I am so disappointed in the lack of X-men jokes.

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Are you streaming over a wireless connection? Try using it wired and you will notice a difference.
I don't have any experience with the Roku, but you should go post over on Tested.com as well, since they have done some Roku stuff and has a bigger chance of getting your question answered.

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XNA uses C#, so learn that instead. Its pretty similar to C++, so you didn't waste whatever time you spent learning that at least.
Or be cool and learn Java.

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Thought about getting a 3rd shift job at a LAN Cafe, but the shift ends at 4am and I don't have any way to get home (No car/ busses don't run at 4am). So thankfully not.
However, I frequently do homework all night for university. So I feel the pain.

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@buzz_clik said:
" It's B. Trust me, I'm an Australian. "
I'm not, but I thought this was common sense. I can't believe there are people that think its A. =x
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I love the art style, the background is amazing.
I still can't install unity player, so I haven't been able to play the demo yet, but just some initial thoughts...

  • You need a sound when the barriers are destroyed and fall over, they are super silent.
  • Attacking and health reduction need to be a bit smoothed out, obviously its still in beta though so I am sure you know that =P
  • It would be awesome if the... what is he? main evil scientist dude? if he said some dialogue instead of just silently standing there.
  • The skill buttons should be mapped to the keyboard if they aren't already. Even something like 1,2,3 would suffice. Moving the mouse across the screen each time to click the buttons can be annoying and also hindering if there is a lot going on. (Again, they might already be. I can't play it yet =p)
  • Idle animations!! The mad scientist dude walking on the spot = funny, but not the best =P
  • How do you select a certain minion when they are constantly grouped together? That might make it tricky for selecting a certain zombie to kill so you can summon a new one. I guess you could just manually spread them out, but it would be cool to have a show healthbars type button, or do portraits of your minions along the bottom or side? Depends if you are going to be able to get a huge hoard of zombies or if you will be more strategic and limited.
  • The combat seems pretty boring, its just zombies doing their attack loop over and over until something dies. Which is fine if its fast paced but for this you need something to spice it up. Skills or something? You need more interaction from the player to keep them interested and prevent the game from just playing itself basically.
Okay! I think that's everything I can think of. It would be nice if GB's point things left some space in-between points, its pretty text block-y. =P Sorry 'bout that.
Anyways, I imagine most of those points are either in some state of being solved, or solved, or I am retarded. I just thought I would point out whatever caught my eye. I really dig the art style and the game seems really cool and unique. I look forward to seeing further developments!
Also, what is your release plan? I assume you are interested in making money on this, considering it looks like it has a lot of time and love put into it. Have you looked into console releases? or Steam? Actually, I don't even know what the capabilities of the Unity engine are. I have been meaning to mess around with it for a while now. I might poke it in the summer.
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Worst librarian ever. Putting all those books in the same place on the shelf!
Also, pretty good movie. I liked what was done with the camera angles, a few interesting shots. I love fridge/freezer shots, though they are pretty silly. Lighting was also done well, didn't give itself away and kept the in-house illusion.
The movie was definitely a slow build, as a film student I am used to that at least though =P The actual 'secret' or whatever made me laugh, which makes me a bad person probably.
Also, phew... those acting skills. =P
Anyways, good job! Are you showing the film at a festival? Also what gear did you use to make this, particularly the camera?

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These continue to be awesome, keep it up =P
Do Cat Belt-Buckle next haha.