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Oh man there are silver 360 controllers? Those are sexy O_O"
And yeah... Gaming is so expensive, At least I pay less than you for games in Canada =P

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Learn C#, then you can develop in XNA. Be prepared because game design is incredibly difficult and frustrating.
Remember that you need lots of different parts to make a game, so you need to learn how to do music and sound effects, and most importantly the art assets. So I suggest practising these as well. Unless you are just making a text adventure ~_~"
Honestly the best way is to try a bit of coding on your own, I would recommend Python since its SO much easier to learn than C#. If you don't hate it, then go find a game design course or program at a post secondary place like college. Having programming or game design entirely taught to you in a structured way will help you avoid getting completely overwhelmed, just make sure its something you want to actually attempt first.
If you aren't old enough yet, practice drawing or using photoshop, theres tons of tutorials out there. Or go learn a 3D modelling program. You need to build up your skills slowly and then bring them together to make the final product, so the sooner you start learning something the better off you will be. Or, maybe you will become really good at modelling and get onto a game design project as the 3D modeller. Don't have to make the entire thing yourself after all.

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They made an iPhone app, sold it, and then immediately never supported it again. So it quickly died and doesn't work properly anymore. Kind of lame.
However, just open Safari, go to the website, and select add to home screen. Then it functions the exact same as an app. The site works nearly perfectly on the iPhone.

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Sure am.

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I have a shiny geodude, its fucking gold. Its so awesome.

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I thought you meant Obama. Nevermind.

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I don't think there is going to be many recommendations (Though I could be wrong). 
Anything you get for $20 is going to be a cheap piece of shit, so just get any of them.

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Murder them. Best of both worlds IMO.

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The difference is that they make a living playing them.
When you have sponsors to pay you to play, you don't need a job because that is your job. Still, I imagine their lives are pretty unhealthy and not balanced very well.

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Great, why did you post this to the forums?