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No idea what you are talking about, that was a long time ago. At least describe what it is you want to know or something.

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Wow I can't believe someone was able to figure it out from that info. Good job guys :D

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Sure! We gotta stick together!

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If they can get away with Spiderman, Green Lantern, and Thor, they can probably get away with most of them. Its all about how they present the storyline.
Its not too hard to believe in a dude having some superpowers if they treat it seriously and avoid the cheeseyness, I think. 
DC definitely has more random characters that make you question things though.

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Thought this was going to be a thread about you killing somebody. 

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@PrimeSynergy: FFVII, really? FFX or FFXIII I could understand, but FFVII: Crisis Core was absolutely amazing and filled in a lot of story that was missing. Made FFVII better for me.
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This poll definitely wasn't made by someone who would rate themselves high. Going out and picking up girls 5 nights a week is fucking sad. That becomes like a full time job.
I have lots of luck and skill with the ladies, so thats not really an issue for me, but I definitely don't go out 5 nights a week, because that would be pathetic. 
A true player gets the sex to come to him, that way you don't have to leave the house. Booty calls: They're awesome.

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Greetings baby bomb! (Thats what we call newcomers, so you should refer to yourself as such from now on)
Enjoy your stay, know that you can post blogs only to your profile if you like, and read the rules, they're really short.

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I have an extra Celebi if anyone is interested in offering for it. Its level 50, Brave nature, Leaf storm/recover/nasty plot/healing wish for skills.  It has the classic ribbon and can be imported into Black/White to unlock Zorua.
I have no idea about IVs since I don't get into that crap, or at least, I haven't yet. Heres its stats at level 50 though: 163/119/113/116/110/101. Not sure if thats helpful or not =P
Also, I have a totally gangster shiny geodude. Its fucking GOLD.
I would love to get a Darkrai x_x"

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FINALLY. I have been waiting for this announcement for a very long time!
I just hope by saying theres no driving around doing taxi missions that they aren't trying to make the game all serious and get rid of the fun stuff. If thats the case I won't get the game. GTAIV fucking sucks. Ruined the GTA franchise for me, so if Saints Row goes the same route, then I am out =/