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When you post to off topic, it shows up in the main forum.
Next time, when it asks you where to post the blog, just navigate away, itl still show up on your profile. This happens all the time unfortunately, so this will get locked.

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@christ0phe: You should remove half of that or something right now. The last thing you want is someone stealing your work.
Also that is a lot of story, seems like that could easily spread into 30 or so pages at least. You don't put a lot of text per page because the kids want to see the pretty pictures while they are reading or being read the story. The part about magnificant waterfalls and the trees and stuff could each have their own page, thats a common childrens book concept, you just go "...and they saw magnificant waterfalls," *picture of pretty waterfalls* / next page "and giant flowers" *picture of giant flowers*, etc etc. Kids really love that kind of stuff too, and itl pad out your book nicely. 
From the way you wrote it, It seems more like they saw those things in the same area, but I would recommend thinking in a more page and picture oriented fashion, and rewording it slightly. You should go plan out what every page of the book will look like, even if you have no artistic talent you need to consider how its going to look, so go make a powerpoint with each slide being a page, write the text at the bottom and have a description of the scene at the top. See how many pages you come up with. 
The story itself is pretty solid, but I think you wrote it more as a children's short story than a children's book. Just think about every children's book you have seen as a kid, the stories are very simple but the pictures are what really holds your attention. So you need to make sure your story can have lots of pictures.
As far as finding an artist, go on kijiji and look locally for an artist, ask them to submit some work samples, or do that on here too. 
You should also delete your post of the story and get PMs to remove any quotes of it in here too. You don't want to get your shit stolen, not that people here would care enough to do that, but still, thats the last thing you want. You should be careful about showing off the writing portion and also be careful if you find a potential partner, if you don't know them personally, they could just steal your shit. So yeah, things to consider! Find someone trustworthy and be careful, itd be way easier if you knew someone personally that could do it.
Also I don't know much about publishing, but that is sort of the easy part, if you have a good book people will want to publish it. You can just look online or locally for publishers, there are companies that do it. Again though, only show them a sample at first. Your work is your baby, copyright it and keep all the original documents and work on it. People steal other people's ideas every day. Stay safe and careful!
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@BombKareshi said:
" @H2Oyea: Found these two still lying on my Mediafire account. I've acquired some better samples since then, but they should give you some idea of what I do. I know I should probably invest in a website to exhibit a selection of my work, but I've just never gotten around to it. "
These are pretty good, what did you use to make them?
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Sour green apples = The best.
Oranges are covered in that annoying white stuff that I always want to pick off completely before consuming, which is impossible, so its frustrating.
Fuck oranges, I'm team Apples.

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Thought this thread was going to be about how you like to get high during the day.

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@TehFedro: Hopefully what SeriouslyNow said will fix it. Another thing I just thought of is that it might be a hardware compatibility issue.
Sounds like what the other guy mentioned is definitely the problem though. As for downclocking, just grab the software and google up a guide, should be plenty out there if this issue is common =P Good luck!
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@Gahathat: So why haven't you posted a link to the game yet? Thats the easiest way to get people to test it I reckon =P
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Not sure where you have been, they have mentioned it a couple times already that he was coming, plus talking about it all day via twitter. 
@B0nd07 said:

" Already a thread over here. "
Already exists.
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My first thought was definitely overheating, but it seems like that isn't the issue...
Have you tried alt +tabbing when you get the black screen to get out of the game? or Alt + F4 to kill it, or ctrl + shift + esc to pull up task manager? 
Task Manager would probably provide some nice information about CPU usage and anything out of the ordinary that we could use to diagnose the problem.
Regardless, itd be a good idea to go update your graphics card drivers.

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@Gahathat: Are you trolling us? If so, you suck at it.
If not, you might want to attach a link to the game at least. =P